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Tige d'affûtage en céramique Idahone, fine, 10" (26 cm)

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Tige d'affûtage en céramique fine, 10". Idéal pour garder les couteaux japonais aiguisés à un bord poli et fin. Il s'agit d'un aiguisage très fin, environ 1200 grains, ce qui équivaut à environ 3000 grains dans le système japonais. C'est une grande longueur pour tous les couteaux, y compris les couteaux de chef plus longs.Comprend un manche en bois finition noire de qualité et un cintre en acier.Utilisez-le à la place d'un acier de boucher standard sur vos couteaux japonais ou tout couteau avec un bord poli fin (Misono par exemple).Utilisez-le régulièrement pour garder le tranchant avant qu'il ne devienne vraiment émoussé. Si vos couteaux sont émoussés, alors le modèle grossier aidera à restaurer le tranchant. Pensez également au Superaser pour garder la tige propre et pour la faire durer plus longtemps (éventuellement, les dépôts de la lame feront encore plus lisse).Fabriqué aux États-Unis.

Customer Reviews

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Andrew Brazeau-George

Keeps my Japanese knifes with a fine polished edge. Thanks to Paul’s Finest for the super fast shipping!

Wilf Kruggel

I bought this rod in the same order as a set of super-stones. I used the stones immediately on all my knives and since then (1 month), I’ve only used the ceramic rod. It keeps a very fine edge on my knives (along with my steel hone). This rod has eliminated my worry about the longevity of my stones!

I was surprised and pleased by the amount of bite this hone has. This enables it to keep my knives sharp without having to resort to the longer stone sharpening process.

A must-have

If you love your Moritaka knife like I love mine then you'll want to pamper and care for it with this ceramic rod. A few quick strokes and you're once again a samurai.
I would add that aside from this rod, the best aspect is the advice that Paul will give you. I've been dealing with him for years and he has always been a source of excellent guidance.

Travis Collins
Great for maintaining your knives

Absolutely love this tool for keeping a sharp edge on my work knives. Regular maintenance requires less work later, this helps you keep your knives longer. Big fan of this!

Bob D.
Excellent knife maintenance tool.

I use this tool to lightly sharpen and refine a honed edge. Used precisely as Paul recommends, you'll extend the life (and sharpness) of your knives while removing very little metal. I sometimes use a steel for honing, followed by a few very light passes with the Idahone to clean up the honed edge. Most of the time though, I just use the Idahone. Restores the cutting edge to "like new" in no time flat, while avoiding/delaying the need to sharpen on stones.. The key is, keep your knife sharp,,, don't wait until it gets "dull". I typically "feather" the edges of my knives (drawing the rod "away" from the edge).

When I'm slicing tomatoes for example, my knife immediately "bites" into the skin, and I can cut "see-through" slices with no effort whatsoever.. I've been experimenting with one knife in particular,(a Victorinox 6" utility knife), and so far, I've gone 2 years and 9 months without having to re-sharpen on stones. The instant I feel that the knife resists slicing into the tomato skins, I get the Idahone out, and after a few light passes,,, I'm good to go again. By the way,, I do have plenty of stones ( a dozen or so Shapton Glass, Naniwas, Nortons, Tormek, etc)

For cleaning the rod,,, get the Superaser. It works like a charm. I've tried scouring pads, dish soap, etc., and nothing remotely comes close to the Superaser for speed and efficiency.

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