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Best service, best knives, great prices

I have been buying knives for years from PaulsFinest and I needed a last minute father's day gift. I bought another Wusthof to add to the collection and it came in the mail very quickly. I've thrown out all of the other useless knives we have. Even the oldest Wusthof we own is far superior to any expensive knife we have tried. Love them!

That's great, I'm really glad to hear it!
All the best,

Fastest Service

I was pleasantly surprised at how FAST Pauls turnaround time is. I haven't come across any online orders that ship this fast. Great experience purchasing my Shapton stone.

Thank you very much for the feedback!


Pauls Finest is EXCELLENT

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you're pleased :-)

Misono UX10

Great product. Excellent Service

Wusthof Classic Ikon

I bought the Classic IKON chef and utility knives for my son. He was absolutely delighted with the gift and how well the knives perform.

The service from PaulsFinest was excellent. Good quality products arrived in a few days. Well packaged.

The selection of products in the on-line store is second to none. All good quality and good prices. In fact, I could not resist buying a myself a little gift - an Opinel No07. I had one years ago and loved it...

I am pretty sure that I will be back!

Thanks for the feedback, I'm very glad that you're pleased with the knives and service! :-)

Sharpton Kuromako stones

I have used my new Kuromako 320, 1000, 2000 and 5000 stones and the speed with which I obtabtained amazing edges is unbelievable. The service from Paul's Finest is first rate and I will be sure to use them from now on!

Thanks for the kind words, and I'm very glad you're enjoying your new sharpening setup!

Wusthof Icon Knifes

The knives, of course, are wonderful. Paul's Finest was perfect. Well organized and fast service. No problems. Highly recommend the shop!

Thank you so much! :-)

Fantastic service

I looked around the internet and YouTube for whetstones and sharpening accessories and came upon Paul's Finest. he had the most competitive prices with the best selection I could find online. So I ordered the Shapton 3-stone set with a Naniwa holder, flattening, and dressing stone. I was amazed at how fast he got my order shipped. Although it had to go through customs, I received it quickly. I am very impressed with my stones and holder. I emailed Paul to thank him for his excellent customer service and let him know that I was one happy new customer.

Thanks for taking the time to write the reviews Dale, and thanks for the kind words! I'm very glad you're enjoying your new stones :-)

Outstanding service

Ordered a whetstone online. I received an email almost immediately after purchase and then another update for shipping. The tracking link was easy to use and shipping was quick. There was even a set of instructions placed inside the Whetstone box with answers to FAQ's and advice on how to get the most at of your purchase. I was very impressed with my experience and will definitely shop here again!

Thank you so much for the kind words!

Paul’s Finest Review

Have ordered numerous sharpening stones and a set of knives from Paul’s. Always fast and accurate delivery. Quality products. You can be assured that ordering from Paul’s is safe and fast. Thank you to Paul’s for being a quality place to order from.

Thank you Ken! I appreciate the support and trust.

Excellent Customer Service

As always - ordering from Paul's is a straight forward and reliable experience with fast response time. For any knife related gear this is my go to.

All Aboard!

Being a knifemaker I typically use my belt grinder to sharpen my knives but I wasn't too happy with the edges I was getting. It's still possible to get a great edge off the belt sander but for specific knives, especially kitchen knives, I wanted a much better and more refined edge. After doing a lot of research and speaking to some professional sharpeners like Peter Nowlan I decided on a Shapton Glass set and was recommended Pauls Finest.
Had a few questions and they were promptly answered within a few hours. Made a mistake on the purchase and it was corrected after I had paid, also very quickly.
Got the best prices for the stones, shipping was very fast, and products came well packaged and with instructions on use.
What more could you ask for?
Paul and the team are an excellent company to deal with and I look forward to future business with them!


Thanks Saif! Glad that you're pleased. Happy sharpening!

Extraordinary service and support!

Not satisfied with my belt knife sharpener, a friend and noted chef in Ontario recommended PaulsFinest to me to get the EdgePro Apex system. I did and my journey on just how enjoyable truly sharp knifes started. Clearly, one is constantly wanting to get a finer polish to the knife as you climb the grit ladder and now have the 2300 and 4000 Diamond Matrix Stones added to the standard set.

While my old knives took on a new life, I acquired 2 Wusthof knives, the Classic Ikon and the Classic Bread knife. A few months later, I've added my first Japanese knife, the beautiful Takayuki 33-layer Damascus Petty knife. As my knifes now have quite a keen edge, I have moved to the Idahone 10" Ceramic Sharpening Rod and cleaner. A few strokes on the Rod and my confidence and pride in the knives is maintained.

I am currently acquiring appropriate sheathes for the knifes as we want to maintain them in a drawer environment.

Through this whole journey, PaulsFinest has been there to talk through my goals and provide the guidance one needs. I do check prices all the time and PaulsFinest has been always competitive. Thus, obviously, no problem recommending this firm for your next purchase!

Thanks for the kind words Robert!

Excellent Service and Merchandise!

Always enjoy ordering from Paul's Finest. No-nonsense ordering format and prompt shipping. Paul stands behind what he sells and must be commended for this. I was having a frustrating time with a
defective knife-sharpening module. When I could get NO satisfaction from the manufacturer re: the unit (which was under warrantee), Paul simply sent me a new one. Excellent service and business ethics!

Thanks Tom! Very kind of you :-)

First Class

This is my first time placing orders from Paul. Price was very good, quality was excellent.
Whilst I enjoyed the experience of placing order through the website - it was simple and easy. The product pages are clear, and informative, reviews are genuine and easily accessible.
The shipping speed was very good considering the cross country distance (I am in Vancouver) - with that said, if you're impatient like me, brace yourself - it did take a week or so :)
Upon receiving, i appreciate that the packaging was done with care, my whetstones arrived with no issue at all and again, the quality was excellent!
I will definitely placing more orders in the future. Thanks Paul - please keep doing what you do!

Great prices and fast service!

Bought 3 shapton whetstones and a holder and not only was it a great price, but an easy checkout experience and very fast shipping! Couldn’t be happier!!

Customer service

I've had the pleasure of placing a couple orders from Paul now. The first thing I want to say is the speed at which the order is fulfilled and how fast it shows up.

The store has a great selection of stones as well. Which is nice especially for those of us looking to try new stones and different grits.

The most important thing is how he cares for his customer. Before I made an order I had emailed to get some information on some products. Not only did Paul take the time to respond to the email he made a point of addressing every question and explaining his answers. It's not something I find I come across a lot. This is a company that I will continue to buy from and always look forward to emailing if I have questions.

If you are considering placing an order from him or have questions this is the place to contact. You will not be disappointed. Oh and his prices are very fair.


Order was processed very quickly... shipped and also delivered quickly.. no issues with my order will definitely order again..
I had ordered several knives.. and will order again.. Never spoke with anyone but i did not need to, because everything was as advertised..

First Rate

I have been a customer for 12 years now and Paul's Finest has never let me down. First rate service, great products at a fair price, no hassle deliveries, and very knowledgeable support. It is the first place I go to when I need something and I always seem to find exactly what I want, or discover something even better. Can't ask for more than that ! I would recommend the company without a moment's hesitation and intend to keep buying from them for another 12 years, at least !

Excellent service

I have purchased quite a few items over the years and the service has always been second to none. Excellent products and top notch service. I highly recommend shopping here.

Alexander Macdonald
Very Happy

Excellent products and first class service.

Shawn C
As Adverstised

I just made my second purchase from Paul's Finest. Everything is as advertised, and orders are processed and delivered quickly. Paul is great to deal with and helpful if you have a question. Keep up the great site.

Bernard Clement
First time buyer

The service was very good. Delivery was fast. I found what I needed with no effort and got the items I wanted for a good price. Thanks!

Jordan Stapleton
Very happy

The stones have a great reputation and for good reason. Paul ships very quickly and because I live in Quebec they arrived in two days. The best part was not getting hit with import charges because he is based 8n Canada.

Dexter W
Excellent, as always.

Have bought from them many times over the years. Excellent customer service, items were always well packaged, and quick to ship.

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