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Slicers, Carving Knives, Sujihikis

These are what most people know as "Carving Knives". Good for slicing roasts, fowl, big fruits, etc. Sujihikis are the Japanese versions which typically are the same thing, but sometimes with a straighter edge profile, and as with most Japanese knives, they tend to be a bit thinner and sharper (which means they can require a bit more maintenance to keep that razor sharp edge, and they can be more fragile, with some risks of chipping/cracking of the edge if abused or used with poor technique or hitting bones). Most knife "sets" come with 8" slicers, but those are kind of short... if you're buying one separately, I'd recommend a 9" or 10" (or a 240mmm, which is about 9.5" if buying a Japanese model). If you do lots of large meats, then a 270mm or 10" or larger could make sense as well, as long as you have somewhere to store it safely (they won't fit in most knife blocks).

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