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Opinel Knives

My outdoors-enthusiast brother turned me onto these knives. He always carries one in his pocket. The design is simple and effective. They look great. They work great. They're sharp and easy to maintain. They fold easily and smoothly, and they feature a simple and yet very effective rotating locking mechanism, locking the blade closed or open. They're affordable. In short, they're almost the perfect tool for outdoor use, and over the years they've become a favourite pocket knife and tool for people from all walks of life: They're used in the home, office/business, and outdoors, for everything from hunting and fishing to mountain climbing, gardening, cooking, and as an everyday working tool. And since even the most affordable models look great and work just as well as the fancier models, they make fantastic gifts, with options from the simple and functional to the sleek and sexy with high-end woods, finishes, and gift sets available.

A good quality and beautiful pocket knife is a friend for life. The most basic and oldest tool known to humans the world over, it gives your recipient a daily reminder of your thoughtfulness.

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