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Misono Knives

Super-sharp and hard metal knives, crafted in the legendary Samurai sword-making city of Seki, Japan.

These are superb knives! REALLY beautiful and excellent craftsmanship, with legendary fit and finish. The UX-10 are the top of the line by Misono. If you're thinking of some more common budget Japanese knife, definitely consider one of these instead, as you get the same Japanese blade benefits and features, but with a vastly superior construction quality and finish, and they're a better value because you get them without paying for an additional middle-man (we get them direct from Japan, not through some Canadian or American distributor). I really love these knives, and they're becoming more and more popular with professional chefs around the world as well. They're just an absolute joy to handle, with excellent balance and the handles have a great and comfortable shape, with excellent fit and finish of all parts. These are truly superior tools, with an amazing razor-sharp honed and polished edge.

If you're looking for a unique and truly distinctive blade to add to your collection, trust me, you WON'T be disappointed with one of these. 

NOTE: All Misono knife edges have an unequal bevel, meaning they are sharpened more on the right side than the left, so they are only suitable for right-hand use. And hand-wash only, do NOT put in a dishwasher! Wash, dry well and store immediately after use to avoid damage (even stainless blades can rust or pit easily if left in contact with acidic liquids common in cooking!)


"I first heard of Misono products from a colleague who is a world class ice carver. The level of craftsmanship and quality of their steel is excellent. I later came upon a shop overseas that carried their line of knives and was again impressed by the workmanship and quality of their products. Upon my return, I was pleasantly surprised to find you offering an extensive selection of Misono knives right here in Canada. I am very pleased with my initial purchase of the 270mm UX-10 sujihiki. Its ease of use, feel and quality make this my favourite. I have subsequently purchased several Misono knives from you [UX10 & Molybdenum series] and continue to be impressed by their quality and feel. I recommend these knives to all professional Chefs who are looking for a new favourite. You know who you are and what I mean. You will not be disappointed."
—Ken Nakano, Executive Sous Chef, The Fairmont Empress Hotel, Victoria, BC

"I recently bought two knives and a scale from Paul. I purchased the Misono UX10 santuko knife and couldn't be happier. I also purchased the Wusthof Le Cordon Bleu 10" french knife for a friend. I'm a professional cook with a backround in engineering and manual labour, so I have an appreciation for workmanship and quality. I've put many a tool through tests of endurance that truly test their mettle. The UX10 is what I expected and more. After I used a sandstone to put my own blade road and edge to the knife, I've never dealt with something this sharp before! I've already dropped it tip down on a tile floor, and cut through the bones of farm-raised guinea hen without damage to the blade (even after I put a super-thin edge on it). Peeling super-hard squash skin it did effortlessly without feeling stress in the blade."
– Curtis V., Montreal, QC

"By the way, the Misono UX10 santoku I purchased from you last fall has been cutting like a dream. It truly is a remarkable piece. Comfortablly light, perfectly balanced, and razor-sharp. [...] I think anybody that tries one will agree that the blade is worth every cent." 
– Darrin P., Mississauga, ON

"Paul, The Misono UX10 knives I ordered arrived today. Thanks for the fast shipping. I opened the box and could not believe my eyes, These knives are absolutely amazing. The craftsmanship is second to none. I absolutely love them, and will definitely be ordering more. They are worth every penny and then some. Thanks so much!!"
– Brad M., Greenhill, NS

Misono UX10 Series
Misono's top of the line. Made of superb Sweeden stainless steel and crafted in the finest tradition in Japanese blade-making in the legendary Samurai sword-making city of Seki, Japan. These knives look great and perform superbly and reliably. I've used one at home for years. These knife blades are sharpened in a Japanese style: the right side is sharpened and polished to a fine edge, while the left side of the blade is more flat. It's not like Japanese sushi knives which are about 99% on the right, but it's still somewhat evident (compared to European knives which are usually 50/50 symmetrical): Misono states that the ratio is 70% right side to 30% left side. This results in superior cutting and slicing action, but please note that this means that these knives are meant for right-hand use only. VERY sharp, with a high quality hard steel, hardened to a Rockwell hardness of 59 to 60.

Misono Molybdenum Steel Series
These are in fact quite close to the UX10 in terms of overall craftsmanship and represent an outstanding value in a very high quality Japanese knife! Fit and finish are excellent, and the blade shapes and edges are almost the same as the UX10, with excellent balance and feel, with nicely rounded and smooth finish, making them very comfortable. I have NO hesitation in recommending these for someone looking for a high quality yet affordable Japanese knife for home or professional use. These would make a great alternative to a German knife in that they're going to be similar in terms of ease of maintenance. VERY sharp, with typically hard Japanese stainless steel, hardened to a Rockwell hardness of 58 (just slightly higher than most German knives, but not so hard that they'd be difficult to maintain or fragile). All come individually packaged in beautiful glossy boxes, making them truly unique and attractive gifts.

Misono Swedish Carbon Steel Series
These are CARBON steel, NOT stainless, which means they take (and keep) an incredible edge, and they are extremely reasonably priced. But they're not for everyone: carbon steel is NOT stainless, and so requires special care and precautions. Still, some die-hards claim that there is nothing like a virgin carbon steel knife, and I've had a number of requests over the years for these, especially from professional chefs, so here they are! Remember, this is carbon steel, NOT stainless, and so it will rust/discolour if not washed and dried carefully after use and if it comes into contact with acidic foods. Normally it will take on a darker patina with use (people will often cultivate this patina, which acts as a natural barrier). Regular discolouration is normal and does not affect the performance of the knife... it is part of the character of fine carbon-steel knives. And of course never put them in a dishwasher. They ship with a protective layer of oil on the blade. Be sure to wash and dry it well with warm soapy water before use. 

DIMPLES: Since so many people ask: in my opinion, granton (dimples) on a santoku or chef's knife do nothing. They were desiged for thin slicers, but manufacturers put them on everything now because they look cool and help sell knives. If you like the idea and it's not much more money, then fine, but I wouldn't let granton/non-granton affect my decision on a particular knife purchase. This is why I don't really recommend or normally stock granton (dimples) versions of Misono knives -- they're VERY expensive compared to the regular versions, and they actually use a slightly thicker edge on the dimples versions to compensate, which in my mind defeats the purpose of having dimples (to reduce resistance) and a nice thin Japanese knife with a superb thin edge in the first place.

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