Idahone Ceramic Sharpening Rod Cleaner, Superaser

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Use this "superaser" fibrous eraser ceramic sharpening rod cleaner to remove the buildup that occurs on ceramic rods with regular use. Over time the buildup will make the rod super smooth and it just won't do much. This will help restore its abrasiveness. Also handy for gently cleaning porcelain or just about any ceramic surface. Dimensions: 3.25"L x 1"W x 3/4"D. Made in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Great equipment

Love how well it works
I’m telling all my friends about Paul’s business


Cleans the honing rod well, still leaves a bit of marks though, but generally does a great job

Wilf Kruggel
Works great

For the price, I didn’t even consider not getting this. It literally acts like an eraser for the metal residue that builds up on the rod. I rinse under water while erasing. Seems to work better than using it dry. Cleans the rod very well.

Adam Mueller
Idahone Ceramic Sharpening Rod, Super Eraser

This is what I have been waiting for! My old ceramic sharpening rod had become useless, so I ordered the Super Eraser along with a new rod. The Eraser works perfectly, even restoring the old rod to its previous effectiveness. The ceramic rods are fabulous and are the only way to hone Japanese
knives. Thank you very much, Paul!

Thomas Bates
Works well, but I prefer rust eraser

This is a good product but a bit softer and more gummy than the rust eraser. It’s a feel thing, but I would go for the rust eraser

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I agree, this one is softer, but that makes it better for cleaning the fine Idahone rod, whereas I find that indeed, the Naniwa Rust Eraser works better on regular sharpening stones.

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