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Naniwa Professional (Chosera) Sharpening Stones, Set of 3: 400, 1000, 5000

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Naniwa Chocera Pro Japanese Whetstone Sharpening Stones, Set of 3: 400, 1000, 5000. Made in Japan.

A complete sharpening set, for everything from cutting a new edge with the 400 grit for damaged or very old and dull knives, to honing with the 1000 and polishing, finishing or stropping with the 5000 grit.

Stones individually boxed, 21cmx7cm surface (8.25"x2.75"). 2cm thick. 

If you want to really complete your package and make sharpening more pleasant and functional for the long-haul without breaking the bank, consider adding the Naniwa adjustable stone holder which keeps the stone steady while sharpening and raises it to a more comfortable height off your work surface. Also consider at least the small Naniwa flattening stone, it's affordable and does a pretty good job at flattening and cleaning your stones. I use both of these at home. For more serious flattening, the Atoma 140 or DMT DiaFlat are great choices. See all the flattening options available here.

Note: Naniwa has re-branded these as Chocera Pro (yes, changing the spelling to Chocera with a "c" now) for 2024. The stones are identical, just the branding/name and packaging has changed (again). You may receive the new or old packing as we receive and make the transition to new stock from the factory in Japan. The new packaging is now more eco-friendly all-cardboard as well, with no foam inside, and no plastic shrink-wrap on the outside.

Do NOT soak them, and do NOT leave them soaking in water while you use other stones... in use, just splash more water on the stone as needed instead of prolonged and repeated soakings, otherwise hairline cracks can appear over time.

If you're not a regular user of your stones and only want them for occassional home use, you might want to consider the Super Stones or Traditional Stones instead, as they are still very high quality but are more forgiving of the cycle of wet/dry and extreme temperature and humidity changes in our climate. The Pro Stones fare better with regular use and regular lapping to avoid potential problems with cracks forming.

Warranty: 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects.

Sorry, we cannot make substitutions for stones in this packages, nor can we accept returns on individual stones purchased from this or any other set. If you want to make your own set, just order the items individually... we try to have great prices no matter what!

Customer Reviews

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Ruud Graat
Big Change

I am used to the cheaper and coarser whet stones.
Quality certainly pays off, but I will have to get used to how much smoother the knives move over the stones.

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