Naniwa Flattening / Dressing Stone, 220 grit, Pink Aluminum Oxide

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Naniwa Pink Aluminum Oxide 220 Grit Japanese Dressing/Flattening Stone, Grooved, 21cm X 5.5cm X 2.5cm

Over time, any sharpening stone will start to wear and the surface will become hollowed out somewhat, and so it will need to be flattened (also sometimes referred to dressing or lapping). This stone is made for this purpose. Just wet the flattening stone, wet the sharpening stone, and move the flattening stone over the surface of the sharpening stone until you have it level to your liking.

This new model is longer than the old black one, and so it will be somewhat easier and faster to use, and longer lasting as well. It's made of pink aluminum oxide which is harder and slower-wearing than the silicon carbide powder of the black model. For casual home users, this is a great choice for getting started before you decide if you want to invest in a diamond lapping plate like an Atoma or DMT.

Warranty: 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects.

You can see the similar smaller black silicon carbide flattening stone in action in our Beginner's Guide to Knife Sharpening video!

Customer Reviews

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Lorne Abbey
Bound to please

I bought this flattening stone with some Shapton glass stones and it works well. I think it is a "must have" item, if you want to care for your stones properly.

Wilf Kruggel
Works well

This stone is similar in size to the naniwa super-stones that I bought, so I’m sure it will do a good job keeping them flat. So far, so good.

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