Atoma 140 Grit Diamond Plate, 210x75mm

These plates are famous for their very even diamond distribution, so abrasion is very powerful and consistent, and they are a little less prone to clogging because of the channels between the little piles of diamonds distributed on the surface. Great for knife and tool sharpening, but perhaps better known as being superb for flattening/lapping sharpening stones.

A very popular choice for use in lapping/flattening Naniwa and Shapton sharpening stones. 

For lapping, also consider the larger DMT Lapping stones which are specifically made for lapping and have an even greater surface area: For coarse stones, for finer stones

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Atoma 140

Ordered this as an extra course plate for knife repair and flattening whetstones. It is a great product, it eats what ever you put on it and is surprisingly smooth feeling and doesn’t leave as rough of a finish as I expected. Will be ordering a 400 replacement blade for the back side to make it a 140/400 combo plate. As other reviewers have mentioned order processing and shipping the item was very quick, highly recommend Paul’s Finest and the atoma plates.

Jonathan Rebman

This diamond plate is awesome for shaping and fixing the bevel on axes, chisels, drawknives and anything else you accidentally drop on the concrete.
Definitely will be buying more stuff from Paul because the prices are excellent and the shipping is lightning fast!

Janice W

Was hesitant about buying a very course grit and super happy with using this diamond plate to start the lapping process on my chisels. The Atoma plates are so solid and durable - a joy to use.

Baojun Yang

Really good stuff, hard to beat the price and high quality. Will buy more in the future for my sharpening supply

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