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Wusthof Sharpening Stone, Superfine 3000/8000 - #4452

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Very nice, high quality Japanese-style waterstone (do NOT use it with oil!), dual sided 3000/8000 for superb finishing/honing ability. Note: according to European standards, this is a 1000/2000 grit, and according to the Japanese system it corresponds to approx. 3000/8000.
Dimensions: 20x6x3cm

Wusthof # 4452 / 3069720303

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michael mcintee

I like both of the wet stones you sent me. Because sharpening knives is new to me, I need to get my angles better. Do you have anything that would help?

Be sure to watch the video made by our friend Peter:
Other than that, just practice. You could try angle guides (we do sell one), but they're just a crutch and like training wheels, not really a great idea in the long run. Just practice and watch and look and feel as you go, and most people will improve pretty quickly to where it's not an issue and you get the knife plenty sharp. Best not to obsess about the exact angle... like he says in the video, you can use the usual trick of painting the edge of the knife with a sharpie, then as you start sharpening, you can see if you're getting the angle right by how the sharpie comes off (evenly, or too much towards the tip or away from it...).

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