Shapton Professional Kuromaku 1000 Grit Sharpening Stone

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Shapton Kuromaku Professional Whetstone, 1000 Grit, #K0702

210mm x 70mm, 15mm thick. 

This semi-fine stone is used for prepping a final edge. This will smooth out the initially rough edge left by by a coarse stone and will allow you to prep the edge for final finish with a very fine stone such as the 5000 grit. It's still pretty fine though, so don't expect to really do a lot of work on a seriously dull edge with a 1000 grit stone! 

These Kuromaku/Professional series stones are fast cutting and long-lasting, offering nice sharpening feedback while still being very hard so they resist dishing nicely. Note that these are splash-and-go, so do not soak these stones.

It stones come in a convenient plastic case that also doubles as a stone holder, though the affordable Naniwa universal/adjustable stone holder also works fine for these stones and will certainly be more stable and secure.

Made in Japan. 

Be sure to check out the Shapton FAQ.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Decent stone

I’m still fairly new to sharpening with stones and with going through several generic brands I finally came across Shapton. I needed to sharpen my heavy-weight German santoku which is my most used knife.

I liked that this stone was longer, didn’t need soaking and cut through instantly. You don’t need rigorous elbow grease and the knife sharpens pretty quick if you’re agile and know your way around the stone.

With a few tries of sharpening, my knife is extremely sharp now. It’s good enough being just a little short of razor sharp. My kids loosely use knives around our house so unless everyone’s a pro at it, I’m happy with the level of sharpness I got out of Shapton (orange). Also: the sharpening stays! I can go through a few days without needing to re sharpen my knife. Great purchase at competitive pricing!


This is the one stone to own/use if you only want one stone to sharpen your kitchen knives. For damaged knives (e.g. dented, chips), it would still work but with a considerate longer amount of sharpening time to get a new, sharp edge.

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