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Shapton Glass Stone 16,000 Grit Sharpening Stone

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Shapton Glass Stone, 16000 Grit, #50303.

210mm x 70mm, 5mm thick (total thickness is 10mm: 5mm of abrasive bonded to 5mm glass plate). 

Note: This stone is not recommended for sharpening razors. The 10,000 grit is a better choice because it has a more narrow particle distribution, whereas the 16,000 abrasive has wider tolerances and so can produce coarser scratches. This is fine for sharpening most kitchen and other knives and tools, but not ideal for finishing razors.

Shapton GlassStones are very fast cutting and long-lasting. The ceramic abrasive is permanently bonded to a glass plate so the whole unit is very flat and very strong. The abrasive is extremely consistent and dense so you have a great feel and can produce very precise and clean edges, plus these have the convenience of splash-and-go sharpening (do not soak these stones).

The Shapton stone holder (sold separately) is designed to fit these stones perfectly and is quite heavy and tall, providing a great workstation. The more affordable Naniwa universal/adjustable stone holderalso works fine for these stones.

Made in Japan.

Be sure to check out the Shapton FAQ.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Janice W

Purchased this stone to put the final polish on my chisels and planes. This stone is silky smooth, a joy to use and does the job! Now I’m ready to make wood shavings. A shout out to Rob Cosman’s video on using Shapton stones.

George Toth

Great service
Fantastic stone, only very light pressure is needed to sharpen. Works very well free hand as well. Thanks rob Cosman for the recommendation

Robert St.Cyr
remarkable fine stone

Not that long ago sharpening stones of this level weren't available - I now sharpen going from a 1000 grit diamond stone and on to the 16000 grit, it's fast it's easy, it leaves my tools with a fantastic edge.

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