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Naniwa Super-Stone Japanese Whetstone Sharpening Stone, 5000 grit

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Naniwa Super Stone, 5000 Grit Japanese Whetstone Sharpening Stone, NO Stand, 21cm x 7cm surface, 2cm thick.

If you want a nice polished and fine edge (and that certainly does seem to be the trend these days, especially among Japanese knife owners), then the 5000 is a great choice to finish your knife edge. It's also quite a bit more fine than the 1000 that many people start with, so this way you can purchase just a 1000 and a 5000 and you'll be pretty much set for most regular knife care. 

The Naniwa Super Stones are excellent whetstones, very reliable, forgiving, and not fragile. A GREAT choice for the beginner or casual home user who just wants good long-lasting stones that work great on a variety of knives. I use these SuperStone series at home and they're great. They're also easy to use: just splash-and-go, no need for soaking and in fact they should NOT be soaked.

Warranty: One-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Customer Reviews

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Good finishing stone

Great feedback and the stone gives a good mirror finish which I like. Another thing this is the S2 version so it gives great value for the price. Highly recommended!

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