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Victorinox Couteau Santoku à manche en bois de 7 po, bord Granton - 41527

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Ce couteau Santoku à manche en bois Granton Edge de 17,8 cm est également connu sous le nom de couteau de cuisine japonais, ce couteau de forme unique est un outil extrêmement polyvalent dans la cuisine. Ce couteau est conçu avec un beau manche en bois naturel durable. Une excellente alternative à le couteau de chef standard de 8". Le bord festonné aide à réduire la friction pour des performances de tranchage extra fines avec moins de collage. OUI, c'est la même lame que la série si fortement recommandée par le magazine Cook's Illustrated ! Un couteau robuste, abordable et performant. Au prix, difficile de se tromper ! C'est un excellent couteau de départ pour un étudiant qui s'éloigne de la maison ou pour un étudiant en école de cuisine qui a besoin de quelque chose de robuste et abordable.
Pièce Victorinox # 47527 / 41527 / 6.8520.17

Customer Reviews

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Bob D.

After buying a Victorinox Rosewood santoku for my spouse, I just HAD TO get one for myself. PaulsFinest had a great price so I took the plunge. I'm a bit surprised at just how nice it is to work with this type of knife. Very light, comfortable handle, nimble, and insanely sharp out of the box. The new "wood handle" is different from my earlier Rosewood handled Vic's, but I really like the new handle. My favourite feature, of all my Vic knives, is just how easy they are to maintain. These knives offer superb value/performance, and if you've ever bought from PaulsFinest, you already know how fast their shipping is. Excellent service,,, as usual. :-))

I'm jealous

I just bought a few knives for my spouse, including this Victorinox Rosewood 7" Santoku,,, and now I'm jealous. ;-)) I already have 25-30 knives, with a couple of supposedly higher-end Santoku, but wow, this Vic is REALLY nice. Very comfortable handle that fits my spouses tiny hands, yet perfectly fits my extra-large glove-sized hand. The overall balance makes the knife feel ultra-light and nimble. This knife is razor-sharp out-of-the-box, and the cutting-edge is so simple to maintain with the Idahone 10" fine ceramic: honing rod. Now I'm jealous,,,, I want one toooo!
HIGHLY recommended.

Also, I highly recommend the Victorinox Rosewood 6.25" Utility/chef knife. This is without a doubt my most frequently used knife, and it's still razor-sharp after 3+ years of daily use. Just a few strokes with an Idahone ceramic honing rod, and I'm slicing see-through tomato slices like nobody's business. It's the "perfect" sandwich knife, or for prepping any smaller quantities. This knife excels for carving smaller smoked hams or Costco BBQ chickens,,, slicing onions or tomatoes.

Andrew Taylor
Plesantly Surprised

Firstly I am not a Chef. I have been used to pretty thick kitchen knives over the years. Admittedly when I first got this knife the first thing I noticed was how thin it was. I mistakenly thought it was cheap. I did look cool and it was darn sharp. Within a day or so I noticed my better half using it and warned her it was very sharp. I remember telling her not to cut her fingers. Another go around the kitchen I saw her with a band-aid on. She looked up at me and said "I cut my finger" and your right it is very sharp. I asked her how it worked out for her otherwise. She said it was good. Several uses later she still had the same opinion, we are (and have) purchased more from this rosewood series.

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