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Wusthof Gourmet 17cm (6.5-inch) Spatula / Turner - 4433

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A very high-end spatula with a sturdy blade, but thin and flexible and very precision-made blade. The slots allow grease or other drippings to drain off easily and to remain in the frying-pan. I kept having chefs special order these as turners for fish, so I decided to keep them in stock at all times for people looking for a VERY high quality turner (these are NOT like the $10 made-in-China things you find at most kitchen supply stores). Similar style handle as the Gourmet and Classic series.

Check out this amazing review!

NOTE: Any utensil with a stainless-steel blade like this should only be used with care on non-stick pans as the blade could easily damage the coating.

Blade length: 17 cm (6½"). Approx. 3" wide.
Made in Germany.
Wusthof product numbers: 4433 / 9035092117

Customer Reviews

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Dale Wright

Excellent product,price and service.Can't ask for more!

Don't buy the cheap replicas

I almost bought a $17 copy, but went for the premium Wusthof flipper - no regrets. This thing hits the sweet spot between sturdy and delicate. The first day out of the box, it survived a drop straight onto its blade from 4 feet up - not a bent edge or buckle be seen. I have a feeling this will be a workhorse for years to come.

Flip like royalty

I didn't think I needed a $50 spatula, but I was wrong. It sounds strange to say, but this Wusthof spatula is a precision instrument, Flipping an egg has never been so good.
The spatula is both delicate and sturdy at the same time. I'll still use my OXO spatula for pushing around piles of fried potates etc., but when you need some precision flipping, this should be your go-to.

Wursthof Gourmet 17 cm (6.5 - inch) spatula.

It's a good name, I bought 2 for gifts and hope that it made in Germany (it didn't say where's made on the spatula nor it has the item # on it.

Thanks for the feedback, we've shared it with Wusthof. But YES, for sure they're made in Germany! It says so very clearly on the package, but for whatever reason Wusthof doesn't put the word 'Germany' on every item they make. Same with the product numbers, they put those on the packaging, not the products now... they have new product numbers starting in 2021 (part of their new logo/branding/packaging as well) and they're just a long string of numbers. For example, this spatula used to be 4433, but now it's 9025092117.

Mike Lemoine
Wusthof Gourmet 17cm (6.5-inch) Spatula

Wusthof is quality far above most for knives. The packaging says made in Germany, but, nowhere is it written on the item, a bit suspicious, is it really made in Germany?

Thanks for the review! We can confirm that this item is definitely made in Germany! They don't always mark the country of origin on every item for whatever reason. I checked with them and they said in this case the blade is covered by the packaging so that's why it says 'Made in Solingen' on the sleeve. They're clear when an item is not made in Germany, such as with their 5558 shears which are one of the few items made in China for example (but still very high quality!).

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