DMT D8XX 8-Inch Dia-Sharp Sharpening Stone, Extra-Extra Coarse, 120 Grit

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Extra-Extra Coarse diamond (120 micron / 120 mesh) for extreme removal of material and edge repair. This is roughly equivalent to a 120 grit traditional waterstone, so yes, it is very very coarse!

Guaranteed not to hollow or groove, DMT®’s precisely engineered Dia-Sharp® Bench Stone with continuous diamond surface assures consistent, even sharpening every time. This D8XX extra-extra coarse plate is heavy and very flat and is very popular for flattening sharpening stones. It will also cut a new edge or tip on a damaged knife very quickly. As with all such stones, don't overdo it and let the diamonds do the work! Do just the minimal amount of strokes necessary to accomplish the task then move on to more fine grits.

Note: Even though this is popular for flattening waterstones, DMT does NOT recommend this stone for lapping/flattening waterstone and can't guarantee how long it will last under such use. Get one of the big DiaFlat lapping plates (extra-coarse or coarse) for that job, they will hold up MUCH better!

Extra Coarse diamond (120 micron / 120 mesh) for VERY fast removal of material and edge repair! 

Measures 8" x 3".

NOTE: The surface of these stones may appear scratched and there may be small indents/pits in the surface, but it's just a by-product of their manufacturing and does not affect performance. 

Customer Reviews

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Billy Mitchell
Definitely a sharpening plate with teeth...

As a vintage tool collector, I often buy tools that have long since passed their due dates. A fellow collector and woodworker suggested my life would be a lot easier bringing old plane irons and chisels back to life if I bought the DMT diamond plates (I have trouble calling them stones). I started out with a couple and realized I was going to need a few more to get the most of them, so I bought a couple more, then a couple more. Yup. I bought all six of the 3" x 8", and I can't tell you how pleased I am with these plates. Wow, do they work, from the extra, extra course 120 grit, which removes unwanted metal quicker than anything I have used to date, to the extra, extra fine 6000 grit, which gets the sharpest edges possible. Great stuff!

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