Atoma 400 Grit Diamond Plate, 210x75mm

These plates are famous for their very even diamond distribution, so abrasion is very powerful and consistent, and they are a little less prone to clogging because of the channels between the little piles of diamonds distributed on the surface. Great for knife and tool sharpening, but perhaps better known as being superb for flattening/lapping sharpening stones.

For lapping, also consider the much larger DMT Lapping stones which are specifically made for flattening stones: For coarse stones, for finer stones

Customer Reviews

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Mike Wheeler
Atoma 400

Works beautifully for flattening my stones, and the side of it makes a perfect straightedge for checking their flatness.

Garth Harrison
Atoma 400 Grit Diamond Plate

I use the Atoma 400 Grit Diamond Plate as a dual purpose plate.
First, I use it to start the sharpening process on dull knives. The Atoma 400 forms a burr very efficiently and does not require flattening after use.
Second, I use it to flatten my whetstones, leaves a nice smooth finish.
An unexpected benefit was that it fits int my Shapton Glass Stone Holder.

Very happy customer

Works well and is pretty flat

I use it for lapping my shapton kuromaku stones. It works great, except it is not long enough, but this is not a tool's fault, more like mine. It cannot make my stones flat across the length, but stones are very flag across the width. Otherwise I'm pretty happy with it, planning to get ATOMA-140 when it is back in stock.

Atoma 400

Super happy with how fast this cuts. Bought it for stone flattening and for quick removal of material.

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