Wusthof Classic Cook's Knife, 8-inch (20 cm), Extra Wide/Heavy - 4584-20

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The Wusthof Classic Wide (thicker blade too) Chef's Knife, 20 cm (8"), is a great all-around kitchen knife for home or professional use. This shape is the most essential of all knives used in the kitchen. 8-inch length is ideal for small spaces or smaller hands, and the extra-wide blade gives this model a great "old world" feel, balance and additional heft. A great choice if you like the heft of an older-style knife but want to take advantage of the modern steel and longer-lasting and hygienic construction now available here. Precision forged from a single blank of steel with bolster and full tang. Full bolster/finger guard for safety and protection. Most any kitchen cutting, slicing and chopping is easily accomplished with this perfectly balanced tool featuring a comfortable and nearly indestructible grip and razor-sharp hardened stainless steel edge. German forged steel quality for a lifetime of use!

Weight: approx. 300g (that's about 40g heavier than the regular #4582-20 8" chef knife)
Blade thickness at top, above heel of blade: approx. 5mm (vs. approx. 3.5mm for regular #4582-20 8" chef knife).
The blade is also a bit deeper: about 55mm deep at the heel, vs. about 47mm deep for the regular #4582-20.

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Great knife

I have the 26 cm and the 16 cm version of this knife (4584-26 and 4584-16) as well as the thinner version of the 20 cm knife (4582-20) which has been my go to knife in the kitchen for years. This knife is now my most used knife. Much as I like the lighter version, this knife is outstanding. In my opinion the balance is perfect and the extra weight actually adds to the ease of use for practically any task.

One thing, I thought I was buying the older version of this knife which had 4584-20 and the alloy X50 CR MO V15 marked on the blade. The knife I received was the newer edition which has Made in Solingen Germany/22 marked on the blade. Something I found a bit strange was it shows as Made in Solingen/Germany/22 rather than Made in Solingen/Germany/20 which is the marking on the website picture of the blade. I couldn't find any information on line for this particular code. As for the alloy marking no longer being shown on the blade I was wondering if Wusthof was using a different steel on the new Classic line but again couldn't find any information on line, perhaps Paul might have some insider info?

I have included pictures of my new knife and my lighter version of the same knife which I've been using for years I do highly recommend this knife and dealing with Paul is always a pleasure!

Glad you're enjoying the knife Richard. Yes, it's frustrating that Wusthof has again changed the logos/branding/packaging and blade markings. But it's definitely the same steel and same knife. For whatever reason, the new managers just decided to change all the branding aspects (again) a few years ago.

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