Wusthof Classic Asian Utility Knife, 4.7-inch (12 cm)

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This utility knife makes an ideal companion to a normal Chef's knife or santoku. Instead of the European dagger-shaped utility knife, this one takes on the Japanese style shape which is almost like a mini chef knife. Honestly this makes it much more versatile and comfortable to use! Great for just about any small cutting/slicing/dicing job where you'd normally use a small chef knife or santoku. Excellent for veggies... Very handy -- you'll love it!

Remember, while it may look a bit like a chef knife, this is a very sharp and fine-edged normal kitchen knife meant for cutting the usual veggies, fruits and boneless meats; it must NOT be used for cutting bones or anything else very hard which might damage the edge.

As with all fine knives, hand-wash only, NO dishwasher!

This makes a great addition to a growing and versatile knife collection. A knife like this one quickly becomes a favourite "go-to" knife for those many everyday tasks where a small paring knife is too small and a chef's knife is overkill. Same comfortable and rugged grip and razor-sharp hardened stainless steel edge as the rest of the classic line. Forged German steel quality for a lifetime of use.

Wusthof # 1040136812

Here is what Wusthof says:

  • The WÜSTHOF Classic Asian Utility Knife features a uniquely curved straight edge blade, which allows it to be used as both a mini chef's knife and as a paring knife. The knife is perfectly designed for both low rock cuts that require moderate heft and precise balance, and closer hand work that demands a razor-sharp edge and exceptional agility. The ideal size and shape for countless food prep tasks, the Asian Utility Knife performs effortlessly when cutting, slicing, or dicing a variety of ingredients, including small- and medium-sized fruits, vegetables, and cheeses. It can also be used to trim meats and poultry.

Customer Reviews

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Daniel A.K.
Versatile and High Quality

This knife is my new go-to for any kitchen tasks that wouldn’t benefit more from my 9’ chef knife, and it’s also quicker to clean and sharpen. Good hand clearance for boardwork, straight-ish blade is nice for slicing. Quality is to be expected. Never going back to a western style utility knife.


My order was in the mail literally 30min after the order was placed.

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