Victorinox 10" Fibrox Pro Chef's Knife - 40521, 47521

NOTE: Victorinox is no longer selling this at retail (only for commercial sales, such as restaurants). The Fibrox line is being replaced by the Swiss Classic line. Same great blades, but newer more ergonomic handles. See the Swiss Classic version here.

The 10-inch Fibrox Chef's Knife is a great choice for someone who already has an 8" chef's knife and/or a santoku and who wants something bigger and more heavy-duty for those extra big jobs. A heavy-duty, affordable, and high performance knife. At the price, it's really hard to go wrong! Also perfect for culinary school students who need something rugged and affordable.

YES, this is the 10" version of the same 8" knife that is so highly recommended by Cook's Illustrated magazine!

Victorinox # 40521 / 5.2003.25

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Bruce Felstead
So good, I bought a second one.

This a great Chef's knife. Second time that I have bought one. it is most popular in our kitchen. So much so that I bought a second one so that my wife and I wouldn't have to fight over the first one. Love it.

Every kitchen (pro or home) needs one of these

The same strengths that make a Fibrox what they are: good edge, comfortable handle, inexpensive price, lightweight and easy to sharpen should appeal to both home and pro cooks alike. Yes, it's a bit ugly and isn't even remotely glamorous compared to nicer Japanese blades made with exotic steels, but then you're not dropping hundreds of dollars on one either. This is the knife that you shouldn't hesitate to use nor be afraid to lend out for fear of having it lost or damaged. It's an inexpensive, practical, forgiving workhorse that you'll find in virtually every pro and commercial kitchen without fail.

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