Shapton Glass Stone Holder

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Shapton Glass Stone Holder, #50200.

This is a very heavy and stable holder, made specifically for the GlassStone series. Note that it is NOT adjustable and so will ONLY work with the Shapton Glass Stones! Yes, it's a bit of an investment, but if you're heavily into using the GlassStones, you'll love this stand, as it's extremely stable and really raises the stones up to a more comfortable level. It weighs almost 2 Kg!

Be sure to check out the Shapton FAQ.

Made in Japan.

Customer Reviews

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Peter Denton
A nice accessory for improving your Shapton GlassStone experience...

If you have or are planning to invest in a set of Shapton GlassStones for your sharpening needs, I would highly recommend this base. It is custom designed to fit the GlassStones, so they fit easily and securely, is nicely weighted to provide a stable sharpening platform, and is just the right height to enhance the experience of using your stones. If you are planning to use different types of stones however, you would be better served by a generic base that may not provide quite as refined an experience with your GlassStones but can be adjusted to fit a variety of different stones.

Denis M
Glass stones holder

This holder works great. It fairly heavy and doesn’t move when you’re sharpening your tools. Great product

cor v
glass stone holder

excellent product, holds the stone perfectly and at the right height
excellent service .

Replaces strop

Works very well for mirror finishes and razor edges.

incredible stand

the construction on the stand is impeccable. buy nice buy once that what I believe and this piece proves my statement. its worth every penny. first time buying from this site and I have to say that its been a pleasant experience from browsing, purchasing to how fast the shipping is. I will be buying more things from here for sure.

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