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Sakai Takayuki


Sakai Takayuki Tall Bunka Knife, Carbon Steel, 180mm (7.1")

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An amazing new knife from the Sakai Takayuki forges in the famous Sakai knife-making district of Japan. The bunka shape is becoming increasingly popular as yet another addition to the many variations on all-purpose kitchen knife shapes such as gyutous (chef knives), santokus, Chinese cleavers, etc., and this one is yet another variation on the Bunka standard as it's quite tall and so almost like a Chinese cleaver chef knife. So it's useful as an all-around kitchen knife, especially for vegetables of course and small pieces of boneless meat.

It's made of the very hard White-2 carbon steel and features the black "kurouchi" rustic finish (very similar to Moritaka knives for example). 

The handle is natural wood, so please note that variations in colour and small imperfections are to be expected and are not considered defects! 

And remember, this is a carbon steel knife, NOT stainless, which means you need to use extra care to keep it dry and stored in a dry place to keep it from rusting. Wash by hand, wipe, dry and store after use. It will also stain and discolour somewhat (like a lodge pan or carbon steel crepe pan for example) -- this is normal, so forget about trying to keep a carbon steel knife super shiny. This knife is sharpened 50/50 and so is fine for right or left handed use. It may appear to have a slight right-side bias, but it's not enough to pose any sort of problem for left-handed use. I recommend the fine ceramic hone for regular everyday maintenance.

Customer Reviews

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This knife turns slicing vegetables from a chore into something to look forward to. The *heft* of the thing. Get thee behind me, Brussels Sprouts.

Ha ha, awesome! Sprouts beware!

Ronny Isvik
Viciously cool and very easy to handle

Wonderfully butch and a handful, this bunka looks to mean and hefty, but it is quite nimble and less cumbersome than most Chinese cleavers or larger vegetable knives!

Pierre Tan
Great knife

Grind is nice and beefy but still thin right behind the edge. Came with a tiny koba and quite sharp ootb. Nice weight for a shorter blade, allows the knife to do most of the work with confidence in the stability of the edge. Only downside is the sandblast on the primary bevel is pretty grainy/rough, causes some drag through food - relatively easy fix tho.

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