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Sakai Takayuki


Sakai Takayuki Chinese Cleaver Chef's Knife, Stainless Steel, 195mm (7.7")

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Sakai Takayuki Chinese Cleaver Chef's Knife, Stainless Steel, 195mm (7.7")
Blade: 195mm long x 85mm wide (7.7 x 3.4 inches), approximately 2mm thick, approx. 336 grams weight.

Excellent choice for beginners or home cooks looking for a real traditional style Chinese chef's knife but in a more easily maintained stainless steel. At 7.7" it's also quite a bit lighter and a somewhat smaller than some other monsters out there, and so is easier to handle, and very affordable. This is a VERY sharp knife and nice looking knife, and remarkably well made for the price. I think you'll be very pleased with its quality and performance. Remember, this is NOT a meat cleaver. Think of it like a chef's knife. It's what Chinese chefs would traditionally use when we might pick up a chef's knife or a santoku, so it's thin and sharp just like a chef's knife, making it an awesome vegetable chopper... it's great for stir fry prep for example. Handle is made of durable, good looking and comfortable black ABS (a very strong plastic) like the Grand Chef line (and most German knives, like the Wusthof Classic line for example).

Made in Japan. 

Customer Reviews

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Nick Roumbas
Top knife

Bought this knife 2 years ago, I've only sharpened it 4 times and I use it regularly for heavy tasks and it has maintained such a perfect edge. So long as you use a ceramic honing rod the knife will keep it's edge for a long while.

I definitely recommend this knife to anyone doing a lot of veg prep or honestly any knife work. The tallness of the blade makes it a dream to use and the handle fits very nicely into the palm.

Not disappointee by this purchase!

Laird Gordon
Works great, at a good price

I am a chef who is used to working with more European style knives, so it has taken some time to get used to, but it is becoming one of my favorites. It gets sharp, holds its edge, and I can cut a case of lemons without any issues a carbon steel knife would have. I have been hesitant to purchase this style of knife because they are usually cheap metal, or crazy expensive, and this was a good find, Thank You

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