Opinel Tradition Knife, Beech handle, Carbon Steel, 7cm, #6

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This is THE classic Opinel! "Tradition" style pocket knife with a beautiful light beechwood handle. Features a 7cm "Yatagan" classic shape blade and classic Opinel Tradition handle. Super sharp and strong carbon steel blade for easy maintenance of its razor sharp edge. The blade folds into the handle and includes the simple and effective "Virobloc" Opinel-exclusive blade locking device, to lock the blade safely and securely in the open or closed postion.

NOTE: a carbon steel blade, while easy to keep super sharp, and very retro-cool, WILL rust and discolour with age and if kept wet or put into contact with any acidic items. It's popular with outdoors people or people specifically looking to try a carbon steel knife, but I don't recommend it for kitchen/food use (cutting something acidic will turn it -- and whatever it touches -- black right away!). As with all carbon steel knives, keep it as dry and clean as possible, but accept the fact that it will NOT stay shiny -- it's part of the charm of a well-loved and "seasoned" blade (like a well-seasoned carbon steel wok).

Please consider using Tsubaki/Cammelia oil to protect the blade of your carbon steel knife.

Customer Reviews

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Great for woodworking

I had a #8 which served me well, but was really too big. The #6 is perfect - it locks, but is the right size. I have tried folding knives with stainless steel blades - they just don't get very sharp. This one does. When I need a beefier blade I use my carbon steel Mora, kept on the bench.

When I'm doing woodworking I probably use the Opinel #6 twenty times a day.

I was also very pleased with how quickly Paul's Finest filled the order.

Great little knife

Great knife. It has a then blade. I use it for whittling. I will definitely make future purchases with PaulsFinest as the experience was pleasure.

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