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Opinel Tradition Knife, Beech handle, Carbon Steel, 7cm, #6

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This is THE classic Opinel! "Tradition" style pocket knife with a beautiful light beechwood handle. Features a 7cm "Yatagan" classic shape blade and classic Opinel Tradition handle. Super sharp and strong carbon steel blade for easy maintenance of its razor sharp edge. The blade folds into the handle and includes the simple and effective "Virobloc" Opinel-exclusive blade locking device, to lock the blade safely and securely in the open or closed postion.

NOTE: a carbon steel blade, while easy to keep super sharp, and very retro-cool, WILL rust and discolour with age and if kept wet or put into contact with any acidic items. It's popular with outdoors people or people specifically looking to try a carbon steel knife, but I don't recommend it for kitchen/food use (cutting something acidic will turn it -- and whatever it touches -- black right away!). As with all carbon steel knives, keep it as dry and clean as possible, but accept the fact that it will NOT stay shiny -- it's part of the charm of a well-loved and "seasoned" blade (like a well-seasoned carbon steel wok).

Customer Reviews

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David Penton
Opinel #6

This is my go-to shop knife. I have two of them. I prefer the carbon steel because of the edge you can put on it. I put a bit of copper patina on it for rust proofing, just wipe on copper acetate solution.

Gavin Forsyth
all good!

Nice price, quick turnaround time and quality product with a great blade! Not a heavy duty product but is a solid pocket knife and great for whittling, the main reason I wanted one!

Brian hammond
Excellent experience

First time customer and I'm very happy. Knife met all Opinel high standards for materials and craftsmanship. Fast service and knife was packed with care and shipped to me in a sturdy cardboard box.

Chris M
Finally Got One!

I have wanted to own an Opinel for a long time, and thought it was past due that I get one. I have always loved the simple, tactical design. I have been researching carbon knife blades a lot lately, so I ordered this knife with the Carbon blade. Knowing the propensity these blades have to rust/corrode also had me purchase the Tsubaki Camellia Oil, which I applied immediately, and lightly wiped over the blade.

This knife is so well thought out. The blade is small enough to carry around, and is also a nice size for carving, or other tasks as needed. The blade locking mechanism is a nice design that has worked for many years, without change. I love my Opinel. At the price, everyone should have one in their pocket.

Martin Smith
Perfect little walk around knife

I’ve had these for years. I give them out as gifts. Perfect small knife.

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