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Naniwa Standard ("Traditional") Japanese Sharpening Stone, 220 grit - T-901

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Naniwa "Standard" super coarse 220 Grit Japanese Sharpening Stone, NO Stand, 21cm x 7cm surface, 2cm thick.

This super coarse stone is perfect for very quickly grinding a new edge on your knife, and for working out nicks or cracks or other imperfections in old used/abused/damaged knives. Use this grade only when you regular maintenance and finishing isn't doing the trick anymore. It's very coarse and so will cut (remove metal) quite aggressively, so use care.

These "Standard" series whetstones are high quality and affordable! They require a good soak (20 minutes will do) prior to use, but please do NOT store them in water. They cut quickly and have a nice feel... they are neither worse or better than other series, only different... some people prefer the more traditional feel, give one a try!

Read Peter Nowlan's review.

Note: Naniwa has re-branded these (again) as "Naniwa Standard" for 2024. The stones are identical, just the branding/name and packaging has changed (again). 

One-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Brian P
Excellent for removing a chip

Had a big bad chip in a knife that had to be removed. Bought this stone to facilitate removing the material necessary to fix the edge.
It worked beautifully and once the chip was gone I was able to work on the edge with my finer grit stones and sharpen it up. The knife now usable again!

I always go to Paul's Finest when I need new knives or accessories for sharpening. I can rely on the quality and that what I am buying is authentic.

Thanks for the review. Glad the stone was useful, and good job on that chip!

Cory Sweetapple
Traditional Stones

You have the look and the feel, of those old style stones. It’s a pleasure to sharpen a knife on. Easy to start up, just soak for 20 mins. You can start to set up your area for sharpening as it soaks. Even though we have our main go to stones at home already, I decided to do it right, and get a selection of these. I bought the 220, 1000, 2000, and the Whetstone Holder. I had already purchased the 6000 from Paul’s before. Same great service this time around, just like last time. Very fast ! Surprisingly ! Excellent to deal with. Thank you Paul for providing me with such a high quality stone, and for such an affordable price ! Even though my review is supposed to be on just this particular one, my review is with all these Traditional Stones. They’re all great ! Buy this one, and you’ll love it. Buy a set of them if you can, or buy them over time. The main thing is, treat yourself to buying these quality stones that would last most, a life time. Thank you Paul’s again !

Walter Czekurlon
220 grit for taking dull to sharp

Worked on some very dull knives I pickup. Could not cut paper and after a several passes paper was no match.

Joel Laviolette

I got this stone mostly for axe repairs and sharpening
Works really well if you looking at removing metal in a hurry ...
Reshaping bevels etc
Excellent quality stone

Eric Williamson
An Excellent Stone

I bought this 220 together with a 1000 and a 2000. This stone has the perfect level of grit for repairing, reshaping and correcting blades while finishing off with a fine rough sharpen.
Extremely happy as the 220 turned out to be the perfect complementary base tool to the other finer grit stones I bought. Excellent quality.

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