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Naniwa Professional (Chosera) Whetstone Sharpening Stone, 600 grit

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Naniwa Chosera Coarse 600 Grit Japanese Whetstone Sharpening Stone, NO stand/base, 20cmx7cm surface, 2cm thick. Made in Japan.

This coarse stone is perfect for grinding a new edge on your knife, and for working out nicks or cracks or other imperfections in old used/abused/damaged knives. Use this grade only when you regular maintenance and finishing isn't doing the trick anymore. It's quite coarse and so will cut (remove metal) quite aggressively and quickly.

Note: Naniwa has re-branded these as Chocera Pro (yes, changing the spelling to Chocera with a "c" now) for 2024. The stones are identical, just the branding/name and packaging has changed (again). You may receive the new or old packing as we receive and make the transition to new stock from the factory in Japan.

Naniwa Professional stones are widely considered the finest stones money can buy. They are the next generation of the superb Chosera stones, promising even faster cutting. They are artifical stones made with the magnesia bonding method. In terms of hardness they are slightly harder than the Super Stones, and because of the different bonding methods these "feel" harder and cut more quickly. They are very durable and long-lasting, but this extra hardness means that there is also more of a potential for cracking or chipping than with the Super Stones so be sure to air dry them and store in a cool, dry place and do NOT expose them to extremes of heat or cold (NO freezing!) or quick changes in temperature or humidity.

Do NOT soak them, and do NOT leave them soaking in water while you use other stones... in use, just splash more water on the stone as needed instead of prolonged and repeated soakings, otherwise hairline cracks can appear over time.

If you're not a regular user of your stones and only want them for occassional home use, we suggest that you consider the Super Stones or Traditional Stones instead, as they are still very high quality but are more forgiving of the cycle of wet/dry and extreme temperature and humidity changes in our climate. The Pro Stones fare better with regular use and regular lapping to avoid potential problems with cracks forming.

Warranty: 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects.

Customer Reviews

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Adrian Valendez
Works fantastic with Naniwa Pro 2k

First off, great service from Paul as always. That goes without saying so let's get that out of the way. As for the stone... Superb as always from Naniwa. I have all of the Pro stones up to 3k. 5k and 10k are just too expensive for what they give you. Of the 3k and below grits, I pair them as one-two punches as follows: 400 with the 1k, 600 with the 2k and 800 with the 3k. For softer steel, the 400/1k combo + strop w/ compound is enough. For harder Japanese steel, 800/3k and strop is great. You can go higher than 3k grit but there's no or very little APPRECIABLE performance difference (at least for my knives). BUUUUT... Hands down the most versatile combo is the 600/2k (and strop of course, never skip stropping). A 2k finished edge is such a versatile, smooth but toothy edge that you can still appreciate on softer German steel if you realign it every now and then with a ceramic honing rod AND, I'd say it brings out 90 to 95 percent of the potential of Japanese steel (unleash 100% potential of your jknives at 5k to 8k). Knowing what I know now and knowing what knives I have in my household, if I have to start a whetstone roster, I'll start by getting the 600 and 2k Naniwa Pros. Fantastic, just fantastic!

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