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Naniwa Super-Stone Japanese Whetstone Sharpening Stone, 5000 grit

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Naniwa Super Stone, 5000 Grit Japanese Whetstone Sharpening Stone, NO Stand, 21cm x 7cm surface, 2cm thick.

If you want a nice polished and fine edge (and that certainly does seem to be the trend these days, especially among Japanese knife owners), then the 5000 is a great choice to finish your knife edge. It's also quite a bit more fine than the 1000 that many people start with, so this way you can purchase just a 1000 and a 5000 and you'll be pretty much set for most regular knife care. 

The Naniwa Super Stones are excellent whetstones, very reliable, forgiving, and not fragile. A GREAT choice for the beginner or casual home user who just wants good long-lasting stones that work great on a variety of knives. I use these SuperStone series at home and they're great. They're also easy to use: just splash-and-go, no need for soaking and in fact they should NOT be soaked.

Note: Naniwa has re-branded these (again) as "Naniwa Advance" for 2024. The stones are identical, just the branding/name and packaging has changed (again). You may receive the new or old packing as we receive and make the transition to new stock from the factory in Japan.

If you're wondering what the difference is between these and the Naniwa Chocera Pro series, these are a step down from the top of the line "Chocera Pro" which use a different bonding method for a somewhat nicer feel and faster cut, but at the expense of higher prices and more fragility. 

Warranty: One-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Customer Reviews

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Sean Poole
Excellent stone

I bought this stone with razor honing in mind. Never having used water stones before, I didn’t know what to expect and was at first a bit disappointed at the apparent friction I felt upon first use. Maybe it’s the binder in the stone that offered some initial resistance, but it soon loosened up with a truing stone (though it’s already perfectly flat) and with successive honing. What a performer. Very pleased with results, a perfect mid range stone which hinges great with my 1k and 8k.
Thanks too to Paul for great service and timely responses.

Good finishing stone

Great feedback and the stone gives a good mirror finish which I like. Another thing this is the S2 version so it gives great value for the price. Highly recommended!

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