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Edge Pro Apex Retractable Magnet

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Magnetizing the blade table can be an effective way of stabilizing the knife while sharpening. It can really speed the learning curve up for beginners allowing them to focus more attention on creating a perfect edge and less attention on holding the knife steady.  

You may find the occasional knife where the magnetism will hinder your ability to sharpen.  So instead of permanently attaching the magnet under the table,  we found a way that allows the user to quickly and easily activate and deactivate the magnet by raising and lowering it, no tools required. Use the magnetic knife sharpener when it's helpful, lower the magnet when it's not.  Quick and simple.  Just the way we like it.

Installing the Edge Pro Apex table magnet accessory on new machines is VERY simple.  The housing press fits (tightly) under the table.  For older models, you may have to replace the leg screws (which will be provided) to make room for the magnet.


Customer Reviews

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When I originally order the sharpening kit I thought this might shorten the learning curve and yes it sure did.

Simple, easy addition

Great little tool for helping learn to use the Apex sharpener. Good for holding smaller blades, its small and doesn't get in the way. Easily removable for when you don't want to use it.

Great upgrade to add to the kit

Switching the magnet on and off is easy, it's strong enough to hold large blades to the deck with no assistance. It's a great help for blades you have a hard time keeping at a consistent resting position during the sharpening process.

Gives a Newbie a helping hand!

I imagine that this wouldn't be a necessary item if you have sharpened more than a few knives on the Edge Pro. I however, just got this system and the magnet has helped loosen the death grip I was experiencing before I added it to the mix. It works well with the stock rest but don't count on it helping much if you have the small knife attachment installed. The magnet was strong enough to hold an Opinel No. 8 Carbon in place all on its own during sharpening (probably not recommended though).

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