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Edge Pro 250 Grit Diamond Matrix Sharpening Stone

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The diamond Matrix line of knife sharpening stones was designed for the sharpening fanatics that insist on the best. Attention to detail and quality are immediately visible when you hold a 250 grit sharpening stone in your hand. The Matrix diamond blade sharpener stones have a special feel of their own, and last an incredibly long time.

As the stone wears, new diamond particles are exposed so the stone continues to cut at the same rate not losing any performance.

***Ideal for the modern "super steels"

***This diamond knife sharpener stone works great for sharpening ceramic knives.

* While we do all we can to reduce voids in the stone we cannot guarantee all stones will be free of them. These voids will not interrupt the sharpening performance.

Customer Reviews

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matrix 250

only used once but again very impressed with these stones.
well worth the price if they last

Steve Spencer
Great stone

Had been using Amazon stones, the quality is meager at best. Decided to step up to edge pro and am thrilled with the clean consistent results.
Just a note that the 250 grit matrix is not for edge reworking on super steels. Have ordered an 80 grit for that task.

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