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DMT D8EE 8-Inch Dia-Sharp Sharpening Stone, Extra Extra Fine, 8000 Grit

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Extra-extra-fine diamond (3 micron / 8000 mesh) after sharpening an edge with coarser diamond grits, achieve the ultimate sharp edge with DMT’s Extra-Extra Fine D8EE Dia-Sharp® bench stone.

This is roughly equivalent to an 8000 grit Japanese waterstone, so it's VERY fine and perfect for putting a final polish when you want a really fine edge (though it won't really do a mirror finish should you be looking for that... not something normally necessary or even desirable for most kitchen knives!)

As the finest grit bonded diamond abrasive bench stone available today, the D8EE offers a simple and easy solution to assuring the finest performance from all tools and knives in all applications. No need to fuss with fragile, messy and high maintenance Arkansas or Waterstones to attain a polished edge for your finest work. The DMT® D8EE Dia-Sharp® precision engineered diamond surface will stay flat throughout all your sharpening requirements without hollowing, chipping or cracking.

Guaranteed not to hollow or groove, DMT®’s precisely engineered Dia-Sharp® Bench Stone with continuous diamond surface assures consistent, even sharpening every time. 

Diamond sharpening "stones" like this are an affordable, easy and fast way to sharpen your knives. And of course they never need flattening, so no need to invest in a lapping plate!

Measures 8" x 3".

NOTE: Because they are so fine, the surface of these stones will appear scratched and there may be small indents/pits in the surface, but it's just a by-product of their manufacturing and does not affect performance. It's not as visible on the more coarse stones because of the big chunks of larger diamonds on the surface.

Customer Reviews

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Samuel Comeau
Quality stone

This thing is great! It's a very large stone of very good quality, it cuts fairly fast and does give a bit of a shine to my edges, but not too much.

Daniel Robinson
Good price, great service

It's pretty tough to beat DMT for quality. Paul's finest had my order delivered before I was actually expecting it. WELL DONE

A Quality Stone

Performs exactly as expected. I can't imagine ever returning to using water stones. Thank you for the really fast ship time.

Brian Broesky
Excellent buy

I recently started making wooden hand planes and the steel I have been using was reclaimed sawmill chipper blades (extremely hard) and some O1 oil hardening tool steel that I purchased. After trying multiple methods for ensuring I had a dead flat surface I expended a lot of energy and pretty much wore out my Norton 1000/4000 water stone. After researching diamond whetstones quite extensively it appeared as though the DMT stones were the best way to go. I purchased the Dia-sharp fine, extra fine and extra/extra fine stones for my needs thinking I could do the coarse work using emery cloth on my lapping plate and my water stone for the coarse grind on my primary bevel. I found the fine to cut quite agressively (compared to water stones) but this was somewhat expected. 20 strokes on the fine stone had a consistent scratch pattern across the back of the blade. Another 20 strokes on the extra fine created a lighter scratch pattern and another 20 strokes on the extra/extra fine left a very fine scratch pattern. I anticipated a little more polish with the extra/extra fine as it is listed as a 6000 grit. My 4000 grit waterstone will leave a more polished surface. However, the blade was sharp but not quite what I anticipated. A few passes on a strop though had the blade making fine strips from the edge of paper. In total I spent about 20 minutes in this process where a waterstone would have been over an hour and require me to flatten the stones a couple times. In the attached photo the blade sitting between the two plates had a bad trip on a power lapping plate which caused it to be ground more on one side. It only took 10 to 20 strokes on each stone to get a consistent scratch pattern at the business end.

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