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Sakai Takayuki 33-Layer Damascus

These are the most popular knives in the line simply because they look GREAT and they're very affordable. They're high quality knives with a variety of handle styles, and the blade consists of a hammered "damascus" style stainless steel cladding over a VG10 steel core and cutting edge. VG10 is a very, very good choice of steel for the cutting edge (many very high end Japanese knives use this same steel), so you get great performance and great looks -- a winning combination! It's a hard steel (about 60 HRC) and so will take a very sharp and thin edge. Please remember though that despite what you might hear from some manufacturers and enthusiasts and stores, the damascus/layered look is purely aesthetic and has no impact at all on performance. Nothing wrong with looking good though, so if you like the look, you should love these knives! This knives are sharpened 50/50 right/left so they're fine for right or left-hand use.

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