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Sakai Takayuki Grand Chef

These are GREAT knives, and superb values. The big deal here is that they're made with a high tech stainless steel from Uddeholm Sweden. This is hardened to a range of 58-60 HRC, so it's very hard, and takes an amazing edge! And the factory edge is superb, ground very fine and very thin, so you get fantastic performance. The SP are the same as the standard knives, but with dimples. Do the dimples make much of a difference? A little maybe on slicers, but probably not much on the others, but they don't hurt and they're not that much more expensive so if you like them then go for it! The handles are standard European style and very light and comfortable, so these knives are also easy to use and maintenance is not a problem at all (I highly recommend the 10" fine ceramic hone which will let you easily and safely maintain a razor sharp edge). 

All Grand Chef series knives are made from high quality Bohler N685 stainless steel. This is a martensitic chromium stainless steel with added molybdenum and vanadium, which results in high hardness and good wear resistance, with excellent corrosion resistance -- an ideal steel for durable and sharp kitchen knives! Grand Chef blades are hard and tough with long lasting edges. HRC approx. 59-60 for sharpness and ease of maintenance and sharpening.

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