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The award-winning Maha PowerEx chargers and high-capacity and high-performance PowerEx NiMH rechargeable batteries consistently have the highest ratings for capacity, durability, features, consistency, value and overall quality, both in the lab and in real life use.  I am an authorized Canadian Maha PowerEx dealer, so all items come with a full factory warranty.

I started my business nearly 19 years ago specifically to bring these batteries to my fellow Canadians. Yes, they're THAT good.  I've tested many other brands over the years (and I even carried some others for a short while) and NONE -- either for the batteries or the chargers -- have come even close to Maha in terms of real-life performance and reliability (AND service! Maha is GREAT for warranty support and service -- they stand behind their products). There's no point in saving just a few dollars if it means a year of frustration and missed photos due to a defective or poor-performing battery or charger.

 "[...]A and B sets of matched Powerex 2700 AA cells were broken-in in the C9000 in mid-August 2007 and the two sets are used in my Nikon CP8800 camera. The A-set cells all recharged in the 5th round to beyond their 2700 mAh rating. The Mahas give me longer service between charges than any other makes have. Also, you're lucky if most other makes come within 200 mAh of their stipulated rating. I've never had any exceed their rating like the Mahas tend to eventually."... --Erik P., Calgary, Alberta

"Dear Sir...just a little note to express how happy and satisfied I was with the Maha Powerex batteries i bought from you a couple of weeks ago. I had 2 photo shoots and shot over 400 shots with flash and only used 1 set of 4 batteries for my flash. 1 bought cheaper rechargeables on ebay 2 year ago and what a mistake that turned out to be. The Maha Powerex batteries never failed me and it's a load off my mind knowing I don't have to worry about batteries." --Martin W., Dundas, Ontario