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Maha NiMH Chargers & Batteries

The award-winning Maha PowerEx chargers and high-capacity and high-performance PowerEx NiMH rechargeable batteries consistently have the highest ratings for capacity, durability, features, consistency, value and overall quality, both in the lab and in real life use. We are an authorized Canadian Maha PowerEx dealer, so all items come with a full factory warranty.

I started my business nearly 20 years ago specifically to bring these batteries to my fellow Canadians. Yes, they're THAT good. I've tested many other brands over the years (and I even carried some others for a short while) and NONE -- either for the batteries or the chargers -- have come even close to Maha in terms of real-life performance and reliability. There's no point in saving just a few dollars if it means a year of frustration and missed photos due to a defective or poor-performing battery or charger.

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