Wusthof Diamond Sharpener, Regular, Oval, 26 cm (10-inch) - 4481

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Another very high quality diamond sharpener. This one is coated with industrial diamonds in a "regular" grade, so it's good to use as a first stage (before using a fine model, or before a final honing step), or if you have a seriously damaged or dull blade. It'll take off more metal than the "fine" model 4483, but in my opinion it's not really a huge difference between the two.  Note: this does not normally replace a traditional steel, which is more for maintaining and edge, whereas a diamond sharpener actually removes more metal for restoring a dull edge that a steel isn't helping anymore.

Wusthof # 4481 / 3049705126

Made in Germany

Customer Reviews

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Sudhir Pandya
Wustof sharpener

I had some trepidation after ordering this but I am impressed by how well it works
Highly recommend this with the Idahone ceramic rod

Great " BEFORE " using my " ceramic fine honing rod " for daily maintenance ... A " must " !

Great sharpening rod " BEFORE " using my Idahone ceramic fine honing rod : this one, as a 2'nd step, for daily / weekly maintenance ... A " must " : I use that Wusthof " diamond " sharpening rod about 2 times per month, not more !

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