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Wusthof Classic Utility Knife, 5.5-inch (14 cm), Serrated - 4110

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Not just for sausages! Wusthof, being a German company, calls this a "sausage knife." Here in North America Wusthof prefers to call it a "serrated utility knife", since it falls in the larger-than-paring but smaller-than-cook's knife range which is generically called a "utility" size. Me? Living in Montreal (the bagel capitol of the world), I like to call it the Ultimate Bagel Knife -- you should see how this baby neatly and easily slices a bagel! I really like this somewhat unusual knife. I think serrated knives generally fell in disfavour here because they came to be associated with the cheap TV junk which was always serrated. The truth is that serrated knives cut really well and are generally a joy to use and tremendously useful and versatile, but if they're not made well to begin with (with a good quality metal that holds its edge like Wüsthof does), then they're essentially worthless when they dull because they're hard to re-sharpen at home. This knife is excellent for slicing rolls, bagels and croissants, and makes short work of hard salami and even the ripest tomato. I love this knife, and it makes a cool gift because it's unusual and yet super useful.

Wusthof # 4110 / 1040101614

Customer Reviews

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peter smith
Wusthof Classic 5.5 inch serrated utility knife

I have purchased two of these Wusthof Classic 5.5 inch serrated utility knives for gifts. They seem to think they are terrific. May have to get one for myself.

My favourite knife

I love this smaller serrated knife and use it for cutting anything that needs the grab of a serrated blade; tomatoes, soft fruit, buns, etc. It has been my favourite and most used utility knife for five years and it is still sharp. I have given several as gifts and get great feedback.

J. Moisey
Serrated utility knife Wosthof

Looked for 2 years for serrated utility knife. Worth the research . Amazing steel. Love it. Handle grip like it was made special for my hand

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