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Wusthof Classic IKON Utility Knife, 4.5-inch (12 cm) - 4086-12

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Ideal companion to a Chef's knife. A very useful all-around utility/slicer knife. This makes a great addition to a growing and versatile knife collection. A knife like this one quickly becomes a favourite "go-to" knife for those many everyday tasks where a paring knife is too small and a chef's knife is overkill. Perfect for slicing meats and cutting fruits and vegetables.

Note that the part number is the same as the smaller "paring" knife, and indeed it's the same knife, just a bit longer, so if you find that you never use a paring knife much, this one can make a nice alternative and more versatile paring knife (but it won't be as good of course for the more detailed and hand-held work that a short parer is good for). Precision forged from a single blank of steel with full tang. Features the popular new blade style without bolster, for ease of sharpening, full-blade length performance, and lighter weight.

The handle is super-comfortable and made of the same excellent material that the Classic line is made of so it's comfortable and offers good grip even when wet, and it's polished so it looks beautiful and natural at the same time. The metal cap and overall shape also lends true elegance to the shape, and it's incredibly comfortable, no matter what kind of grip you prefer to use. German forged steel quality for a lifetime of use.

Wusthof # 4086-12 / 1040330412

Customer Reviews

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Derrick Madson
Wustoff 6inch and 4.5inch utility knives

I think these are beautilful looking knives ,very sharp, cut food very well and comfortable to hold,my only criticism is that on both of them the blades were slightly bent,when looking at them along the back pointing away but I was able to straighten them ok

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