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Wusthof Classic IKON Chef's Knife, 8-inch (20cm), Creme - 4596-6-20

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The Wusthof Classic IKON Chef's Knife, with "Creme" coloured handle, 20 cm (8"), is a great all-around kitchen knife for home or professional use. This shape is the most essential of all knives used in the kitchen. 8-inch length is ideal for most of today's cooking styles. Precision forged from a single blank of steel with full tang. Features the popular new blade style without bolster, for ease of sharpening, full-blade length performance, and lighter weight. Most any kitchen cutting, slicing and chopping is easily accomplished with this perfectly balanced tool featuring a comfortable and nearly indestructible grip and razor-sharp hardened stainless steel edge. German forged steel quality for a lifetime of use.

Wusthof # 4596-6-20 / 1040430120

Customer Reviews

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Bob Anderson
This knife exceeded my expectations

Having been a customer of Pauls Finest for a period of time, I have had the benefit to learn the benefits of a sharp knife. I use the Edge Pro Apex sharpening system with the stones now up to 5,000 grit though I am slowly working my way to that fine of a finish. Last year, I purchased 8" / 20 cm Carving knife with the creme handle and loved the heft, balance and feel of the handle and of course, the ease of carving. In the fall, 2023, we decided to test a Japanese Takayuki 33-Layer Damascus Petty knife and in the 5.9" / 150mm length, fits it's role perfectly. It is extremely sharp and I was worried my wife would cut herself but after 5 months, no bandages yet!

When it came time to replace our Chef's knife, I decided to go with German stainless steel to handle the rigors of any chopping. We decided to stay with Wusthof Classic IKON for a couple of reasons on top of what we found in the Carving knife, (heft, balance and feel when using), which included the ability to sharpen later right to the heel of the knife blade and though we keep our knives in a drawer, (all with sleeves), when out on the counter for carving or cutting, they simply look really good. They show their quality.

I am quite pedantic on honing the blades before use and find the Ceramic Sharpening Rod, (10") very easy to use and maintain, (get the Supereraser with it).

We gave 5 stars to this review but that also includes the ease of purchasing and service level by Pauls Finest. Knives/PaulsFinest/US, sort of a win/win/win.

Bob and Brenda Anderson

Thanks for the detailed review Bob. Very kind of you, and I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying the knives and putting the Edge Pro to good use!

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