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Shapton Glass Stone 4000 Grit Sharpening Stone

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Shapton Glass Sharpening Stone, 4000 Grit, #50103 

210mm x 70mm, 5mm thick (total thickness is 10mm: 5mm of abrasive bonded to 5mm glass plate). 

Shapton GlassStones are very fast cutting and long-lasting. The ceramic abrasive is permanently bonded to a glass plate so the whole unit is very flat and very strong. The abrasive is extremely consistent and dense so you have a great feel and can produce very precise and clean edges, plus these have the convenience of splash-and-go sharpening (do not soak these stones).

The Shapton stone holder (sold separately) is designed to fit these stones perfectly and is quite heavy and tall, providing a great workstation. The more affordable Naniwa universal/adjustable stone holder also works fine for these stones.

Made in Japan.

Be sure to check out the Shapton FAQ.

Customer Reviews

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Works great as expected of the Shapton Glass series. The price is very good for us Canadians to the point where you won't find a better deal even on Amazon or Ebay. I recommend buying it with at least one other product to get the free shipping.

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