Opinel Garden Knife, Beech handle, 8.5cm, Stainless, #8

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What a cool knife! Sort of a cross between an Effilé and a Tradition in terms of handle and blade style, but with a thicker and stronger blade for garden/workshop use. Very handy! A really nice all-around home/garden/work knife. Super sharp and strong stainless steel blade for easy maintenance and stain-free use. The blade folds into the handle and includes the simple and effective "Virobloc" Opinel-exclusive blade locking device, to lock the blade safely and securely in the open or closed postion. Beechwood handle with a hole in the end so you can thread a lanyard if you want, so you don't drop it in among the petunias. Individually boxed. Makes a great gift for the green thumb in your life!

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Dan Nguyen
Better blade shape and handle than standard #8

I prefer this blade shape and handle than the standard #8. The curve on the handle better matches my hand since when I hold my hand in a fist the pink and ring finger don't remain inline with the index and middle finger. The blade is also a bit thicker than the #6. #6 blade is rather thin in my opinion.

Sean O'Keefe
Great price for a nice little knife

There are comments that the blade is thick, but it is the same thickness as my #8 Carbon Steel Opinel. I don't have a stainless #8 for reference.
The blade is sharpened at a small angle and the blade either had a burr on it out-of-the-box or the edge got folded after a bit of work in the garden. Several swipes on a ceramic rod fixed up the edge and put a bit of a secondary bevel on it to toughen up the edge a bit. It sharpened up nicely and cuts well.
This shaped handle is comfortable in the hand, and the easy access to the thumb notch is a nice side-effect of the shape.

Joanne Gerber
Excellent Multi-purpose knife

A really sharp knife and nice thick blade. Always in my pocket and used countless times a day.

Verified customer
Great product at great price!

Traditional French knifes hard to find.
Highly recommended Canadian business. Unbeatable prices. Extended selection. Prompt delivery at a very reasonable price. Great customer service

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