Naniwa Super-Stone Japanese Whetstone Sharpening Stone, 220 grit

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Naniwa Super Stone extra coarse 220 Grit Japanese Whetstone Sharpening Stone, NO Stand, 21cm x 7cm surface, 2cm thick.

This super coarse stone is perfect for very quickly grinding a new edge on your knife, and for working out nicks or cracks or other imperfections in old used/abused/damaged knives. Use this grade only when you regular maintenance and finishing isn't doing the trick anymore. It's very coarse and so will cut (remove metal) quite aggressively, so use care. It is the coarsest New Super Stone Naniwa makes!

These are excellent stones, very reliable, forgiving, and not fragile. A GREAT choice for the beginner or casual home user who just wants good long-lasting stones that work great on a variety of knives. I use these SuperStone series at home and they're great.

Note: these are now branded "Super Stones" again and now come in a grey box that says "Super Stone"... in 2015 Naniwa re-branded them "Sharpening Stones" for the North American market, but I think they finally realized that didn't make sense so they're gone back to the better-known "Super Stone" name. 

These are excellent stones! High quality, long-lasting, great value, not fragile.

NOTE: This is a full 2cm thick stone! We do NOT and have never imported or sold the cheaper 1cm thick versions of these stones.

Warranty: One-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

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Dave Clarke
Knives and WhetStones

I have purchased all my Sakai Takayuki Traditional Knives from PaulsFinest, Qty 1 Nakiri, Qty 1 Usuba. Both of these knives can with patience be sharpened to that of a razor. This makes any vegetable slicing and chopping so easy, if fact you can slice the end off your thumb and before you feel it you have half finished the slicing task you started. I sliced the skin clean off the end of my thumb without touching the flesh underneath. That is my definition of sharp.However I do strongly suggest you match your knife purchase with Naniwa Professional whet stones. I have the following grits, 220 for the basic starting or repair on damaged blades. 400 grit for the heavy duty basic sharpening, followed by 1000 grit to remove all the burrs then for polishing the blade edge I have a 5000 and a 12000 grit Naniwa Professional Stones. and for those like me I also suggest a Blade Angle Guide to help you maintain a consistent Blade Edge Angle. a Naniwa stone holder, The best place to sharpen you knives is over your sink so a sink bridge is a wise investment.
I suggest a of this as if you hide a your sharpening gear in an unused bedroom to in the basement, the next thing you will notice is the next time you slice off the end of your thumb it will be with a dull knife and you will take more than just a layer of skin. Make room for your sharpening tools and stones in the kitchen. Make sure it is easy to find not hidden under a long forgotten cook book. I suggest this as the best way to use fine Japanese Knives is to use highly sharpened and polished Japanese knives made by a real craftsman who made each and every knife to be use every day to prepare your meals with love and tenderness for the people you love.

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