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Misono Molybdenum Japanese-Style Boning Knife (Honesuki), 5.7-inch (145mm) - #541

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This style of boning knife has a thicker blade, and is the traditional Japanese shape for a boning knife (triangular shape), normally used for taking apart a chicken. Definitely gaining in popularity here... it's quite useful and versatile, with the shorter length and straighter blade edge. This is a seriously heavy-duty knife with a thick and extra-strong blade, and a very beefy larger-than-standard sized handle so you have a superb grip. 

Please note that Misono knives have a very polished edge. It's very sharp out of the box, but not in the way that many people are used to with European and many other Japanese knives: they have very little "bite" as the edge is polished and so not at all "toothy". So if you take the knife out of the box and try to cut a tomato or bell pepper it might glide over the surface and appear to not cut well... this is why "tomato knives" have serrated edges (the ultimate "toothy" edge!). So while they ARE sharp, you need to adjust your cutting style (think slicing more than chopping) and expectations, and of course you can easily adjust the edge as part of a full re-sharpening (do NOT use a gadget!) or as part of your daily routine... I use a Misono UX10 150mm petty knife at home pretty much daily and I love it, but I have indeed over time removed the polish from the edge for the most part so it's a bit more useful as an all-purpose knife and doesn't have the same tendency to slide over veggie skins.

NOTE: Only for right-hand use.

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