Felco 910 Leather Holster with belt loop and clip

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Felco F910 Leather Holster with belt loop and clip

Genuine leather holster with belt loop and clip. For belt or pocket, with high tension metal clip on back. Very heavy duty -- excellent quality! Fits most Felco pruners. Length: 235mm/9.3"; weight: 110g/3.9oz.

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Susan in Vancouver
As advertised and completely indispensable

I always recommend getting these holsters--they easily clip on the waistband of virtually any pair of pants and keep your Felcos handy and clean. Paul offers a fantastic price and personal customer service. Anything I can buy from Paul's Finest, I do. And no duties or other "crossing the border" issues. I have an older one of these I have had for 25 years and it performs as well as the day I got it--heavy duty leather.


These are not absolutely necessary, but I'd highly recommend ordering these at the same time you order your clippers or pruners. These are good quality leather, and will help to prevent those "... where did I put them..." moments while tending to your plants. I'd suggest treating them with leather protectant before use.

Bob D.
The holster is a gem.

At this price, the holster is a must-have accessory. Very handy especially when your gardening job requires more than one tool. Like all Felco products, this holster is so well made, and will probably last a lifetime. I frequently carry a Felco 310 and a #2 when I'm in the garden, and having the ability to stow one of those tools in the holster is a big help.

Holster works really well

fits my felco large and mini pruners like a glove.

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