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Edge Pro Apex Slide Guide

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The Slide Guide gives you 2 points of contact on the knife. This improves blade stabilization and allows quicker, more repeatable blade placement. One piece extends from one edge of the blade table to the other, while the center piece slides back and forth independently and can lock in to position to accommodate a wide variety of blade shapes and sizes. It works well by itself, but when combined with a magnetized blade table it makes sharpening on the Edge Pro easier than ever before.  The Slide Guide is machined from 6061 T6 aluminum, and has a .002" thick hard anodized coating to protect it from wear and tear over time. A high quality accessory to add to your arsenal of sharpening supplies.

It’s primary use is for blades that will be laid in one position and will not be moved while being sharpened.

NOTE: This is ONLY for the Apex knife sharpener system, NOT the Pro system.

 *There can be some minor color variation from one part to the next.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Edge pro slide guide

Works great.

Dan Dalzell
Does What it's Built for Well

Tried using the regular guide that came with the unit. Not bad, but not even close to the Apex slide guide. The Slide Guide makes it easy to line up and rest your knives on. Would recommend adding this to your order.

Scott Williams
Slide guide

Excellent addition to the edge pro. Coupled w the magnet, much much better control from stock units

scott dobson
Helpful but.....

Its helpful but I think there could be a better design. I think I will make my own.

Jonathan Caron
It's great for weird knives and standards ones

I've tried it for pocket knife and "bec de corbeau" knife, it works great, better support. I've used it as well on standard chef and utility knives, works very well. dont think i'll be switching back and forth with the basic guide, not that it's difficult to install but why do it?

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