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Edge Pro 1/2" 400 Grit Stone, Unmounted

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Use this 400 grit aluminum oxide water stones for achieving a fine edge on your recurve blade. Unmounted whetstones must be mounted to a “½” stone blank” (sold separately) to be utilized with the Edge Pro sharpening systems. Customers who go through many stones can remove their worn out stones from the existing stone blank and mount their un-mounted stones themselves saving money vs. the mounted stone price. EdgePro suggests mounting these using 3M’s Super 77 adhesive spray.

Please note that unmounted stones are very thin and so very fragile. We wrap them carefully in bubble wrap so they'll make it to you in one piece, but you must exercise extreme care when unwrapping and mounting them. We are not responsible for broken or cracked stones during or after mounting, nor during use.

Customer Reviews

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Peter Nowlan
Important product

I use the Edge Pro Professional for certain knives, mainly those pesky birds beak paring knives with their recurve. This smaller width 400 grit stone excels at getting into that curved area and it’s also a very impressive abrasive with great feedback. I have the full sized version and of all Edge Pro stones the 400 grit is my favourite. Highly recommend.

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