Shapton Professional Kuromaku Japanese Sharpening Stones, Set of 3: 320, 1000, 5000

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Set of three Shapton Kuromaku / Professional Japanese Sharpening (Water) Stones: Coarse 320 grit; Medium 1000 Grit, Fine 5000 Grit

Superb stones! A VERY popular set with home and pro users alike. Excellent quality stones, they cut fast and are durable and long-lasting, with consistent and pleasant feedback/feel. A superb value in a high quality Japanese water stone set! Easy to use as well: just splash-and-go, no soaking.

 A complete sharpening set, for everything from cutting a new edge with the 320 grit for damaged or very old and dull knives, to honing with the 1000 and polishing, finishing or stropping with the 5000 grit. Consider adding an 8,000 or 12,000 grit ultra-fine stone if you have Japanese knives or a straight razor and want a super-fine polished edge. Stones individually boxed, 21 cm x 7 cm surface (8.25"x2.75"). 1.5 cm thick. The stone boxes can be used as basic stands for casual sharpening, but consider adding a proper adjustable stone holder for a much heavier and more secure base. See individual stones for descriptions and more information. Made in Japan.

If you want to really complete your package and make sharpening more pleasant and functional for the long-haul without breaking the bank, consider adding the Naniwa adjustable stone holder which keeps the stone steady while sharpening and raises it to a more comfortable height off your work surface. Also consider at least the small Naniwa flattening stone, it's affordable and does a pretty good job at flattening and cleaning your stones. I use both of these at home. Other more heavy-duty and price flattening stones are available here.

And if you're wondering how difficult freehand sharpening is, or if you feel overwhelmed by all the information online, we had our friend Peter Nowlan from Halifax make this little video to help you get started. Sharpening can be a fun and rewarding skill!

Sorry, but we cannot make substitutions for stones in this packages, nor can we accept returns on individual stones purchased from this or any other set. If you want to make your own set, just order the items individually... we try to have great prices no matter what!

Customer Reviews

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Richard Tucker
Kuromako set of 3

Superbe stones, great edges quickly. Also super be service from Paul's Finest.

Dale L. Barry

I did my homework before choosing my whetstone purchase and I am very pleased with my decision to purchase these stones. I bought the 3 stone set-320,100 and 5000 grit. What a game changer they are from my course and fine diamond Smith's. I was able to quickly rework the bevel on some of my knives that needed it with the 320 and then moved to the 1000. This stone is awesome. I like the feel it feeds back. The 5000 polishes to a mirror finish. I would buy these again. Paul's shipping to me in the US was fast. My order included a Naniwa Flattening stone, dressing stone, and whetstone holder.

Gary Cousineau

These stones are excellent. They are durable and give the blade a sharp edge without excessive effort.

Kyle Stonehouse
Great purchase

The process was fast and easy, is a Canadian company and the product is great.

Thanks so much

Roman Kondra

These are excellent stones, I was able to get my knives very sharp with no major issues. The feed back from them is great and the price was very fair.

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