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Shapton Glass Stone 500 Grit Sharpening Stone

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Shapton Glass Stone, 500 Grit, #50102. 

This is an extremely popular coarse sharpening stone! It makes a great starting point for everyday sharpening, cutting fast and leaving a nice edge for a quick finish on a 1000 or so. It's so popular, that Shapton also makes a double-thick version (popular with sharpening professionals) in case you use it so much that you're going through these too quickly.

210mm x 70mm, 5mm thick (total thickness is 10mm: 5mm of abrasive bonded to 5mm glass plate). 

Shapton GlassStones are very fast cutting and long-lasting. The ceramic abrasive is permanently bonded to a glass plate so the whole unit is very flat and very strong. The abrasive is extremely consistent and dense so you have a great feel and can produce very precise and clean edges, plus these have the convenience of splash-and-go sharpening (do not soak these stones).

The Shapton stone holder (sold separately) is designed to fit these stones perfectly and is quite heavy and tall, providing a great workstation. The more affordable Naniwa universal/adjustable stone holder also works fine for these stones.

Made in Japan.

Be sure to check out the Shapton FAQ.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great for "Hard" Knives

I was having trouble sharpening my very hard Japanese knives (SG2 steel) with traditional stones, so it was suggested that I try these. I bought the 500 for stock removal and a mid-grit 1000 to try them out, and they are superb. The tactile feel is like no other stone I've ever used, and they make short work of the SG2 steel. I highly recommend these stones.

Claudio Perusco
Shapton Stones

Purchased the 500,2000,16000 and they work as expected. Very nice stones at an affordable price

Peter Denton
Great stones no matter your experience level...

When I was first looking for a sharpening solution for my leatherworking tools, I ended up going with diamond stones. These seemed like the simplest sharpening solution because they don't require levelling. The thing that no one warned me about, however, is that they provide very little feedback during sharpening. As a result, especially when I was starting out and just learning, I found it very difficult to improve my skills and to get results that I considered acceptable. That's where the Shapton GlassStones entered the picture. They are much more "tactile," and the things that I thought would make them more difficult to use (like soaking and levelling) turned out to be very simple. They are long-lasting, easy to use, and great for building up your sharpening skills but, of course, are also a professional grade sharpening solution that you will never outgrow. Highly recommended!

Wilson Blais
Très bonnes pierres

Pierre de qualité! Livraison adéquate et bien emballé. Je vais faire d'autres commandes!

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