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Moritaka Supreme Santoku, 185mm (7.3"), Aogami/Blue Super Carbon Steel, Walnut Handle

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A superb and razor-sharp carbon steel santoku, hand-made in the Moritaka family workshop in Japan. Great for people who like the idea of the santoku shape but want something a bit longer. Makes a good choice if you don't also have an 8" or 10" chef's knife or if you feel that 170mm is a bit short for your style of cooking or if you're a big guy or gal and are afraid that a 170mm blade will get lost in your giant bear paws. 

Blade is made of Aogami/Blue Super carbon steel, with a permanent walnut handle and a stainless steel tang. These blades should take a super sharp edge and the added toughness of the Blue Super steel should help with edge strength and resistance. The walnut handle should be longer-lasting than the softer and lighter magnolia wood often seen on traditional Japanese knives, and the stainless steel tang inside the handle means that any moisture will be less likely to result in premature pitting or damage to the handle. The finish is kuro-uchi (black) with a lacquer coating -- this helps protect the steel and should not be polished off (it will gradually wear off with time and this is normal and not a problem). 

Edge is 50/50 bevel, so it is fine for left or right-handed use, and is easily sharpened with any stone or hone or gadget suitable for Japanese knives. For regular everyday maintenance I suggest a fine ceramic hone (see below). 

I really love these knives -- I'm sure you'll be thrilled and amazed by the quality, good looks, and high performance of these carbon steel blades!

NOTE: Handle colour/finish may vary from the version pictured here. It is natural wood, and so some are lighter or darker than others, and small imperfections are to be expected and are not considered defects.

IMPORTANT: Moritaka knives are very sharp and high-performance knives. To achieve this, the edges are ground very thin, and the steel is very hard. This results in a knife that is potentially fragile. As such, CHIPS OR CRACKS TO THE EDGE OR TIP ARE NOT COVERED UNDER ANY WARRANTY. It is the nature of such a knife that it is potentially fragile. If you are a beginner, not confident in your knife handling skills, or looking for an all-purpose knife, do NOT purchase this knife. I love my Moritaka and use it almost daily, but I only use it for precision slicing, dicing, and mincing (great for onions, garlic, ginger, boneless meats) as I’ve certainly chipped edges on other high-performance Japanese knives over the years, so I know it's always a risk. It is important to NOT use a rapid up-down rat-a-tat style chopping motion (where you are smacking the edge down rapidly on the cutting board). While cutting also remember to use good controlled technique -- hard steel will not tolerate "tweaking" (any sideways twisting) and just like any hard material this can result in a chip or crack. You should let the knife do the work, and not lean down and apply pressure to the edge. Cutting surface is also important: only use plastic or maple, NOT bamboo, stone/granite or glass. I also only recommend using these knives with boneless meats and regular veggies (onions, garlic, ginger, etc.) -- never hard/tough materials like root vegetables (turnips, etc.) and certainly nothing where you'd hit a bone. Finally, since they are made of carbon steel, do NOT try to keep the knife shiny. Think of it like a carbon steel crepe pan or a cast iron pan, which both benefit from a "seasoned" finish which will develop a natural yellowish discoloured patina. This is normal and will help protect the carbon steel from rusting. Do not leave these knives in a sink or sitting in water. After use, wash with warm soapy water, dry well, and store in a wooden knife block (do not store in a drawer or on a magnetic knife holder). So in conclusion, yes, this is a high-performance knife, but as with any high-performance tool or machine, this means it requires extra care and skill. A Ferrari will require MORE care, skill and maintenance than a Toyota Corolla, not less.

Customer Reviews

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Don G
Awesome knife…

Exactly as advertised. Yes sharp! Very sharp! If you are not used to working with exceptional knives then be very very careful as you orient and get used to your instrument. These are not your good knife, this is an exceptional knife and will treat you well with care. Very pleased with my purchase. Good length for average sized hands.

Laird Gordon
Very sharp

Nice blade that holds its edge very well, and isn't as finicky as some other carbon steel knives I have. Very light, well balanced, and a great price. I think the only difference between this, and other knives that cost double, is some minor cosmetic finishing, but the blade itself is incredible.

John S
blade + handle -

love the blade already, confidence and respect inspiring
but the handle assembly,spec ferrule material,shape remind me of the Datsun 510.

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