Naniwa Traditional Japanese Sharpening Stone, 2000 grit - T-420

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Naniwa Traditional Fine 2000 Grit Japanese Sharpening Stone, NO Stand, 21cm x 7cm surface, 2cm thick.

This fine stone is a good choice for finishing off German knives, or for regular maintenance of any other German or Japanese knife where you don't necessarily want a super polished edge. This is the smoothest many people will ever need to use, especially for German knives or any knife made with standard stainless steel.

These "Traditional" series stones are high quality and affordable! They require a good soak (20 minutes will do) prior to use, but please do NOT store them in water. They cut quickly and have a nice feel... they are neither worse or better than other series, only different... some people prefer the more traditional feel, give one a try!

Read Peter Nowlan's review.

Warranty: One-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Will Clements
A Beautiful Stone

Excellent stone. Works well on both my stainless knives and my carbon steel chef knives. Leaves an excellent edge fine enough to do almost all tasks without a higher grit stone.

Eric Williamson
An Excellent Stone

I bought this 2000 together with a 220 and 1000. This 2000 is really an ultra fine edge polishing stone. I finished off my Grohmann DH Russel knife with it and my survival knife from the same company-- both with carbon blades. This grit level is really the max needed on such outdoor knives. Happy with this purchase it complements perfectly the two other stones I bought. Excellent quality.

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