Naniwa Rust Eraser

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A handy-dandy "rust eraser", which is kind of like a pencil eraser, but bigger, and more fibrous and abrasive. These erasers are often used to clean stones and sharpening hones (it's similar to the Idahone Superaser, but harder and not quite as good for cleaning the Idahone fine ceramic hone in my experience).

Please note that by its very nature this is somewhat abrasive, so if your knife is very shiny and you rub this on it, it will likely scratch/cloud the finish some, so test carefully if maintaining a perfect/shiny finish on your knife is important for you!

Here's what Naniwa says it's good for:

- Scouring rust off kitchen knives
- Scouring rust and stains off pots and pans and such
- Scouring rust off ski and skate edges
- Scouring off paint and dirt

Size: 50 x 40 x 20 mm
Material: fused alumina polyvinyl chloride

Made in Japan

Customer Reviews

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John Over
Very useful

I purchased a rust eraser primarily for cleaning Shapton Glass stones in between flattering them. It works excellent for this purpose, cleaning the stones perfectly without causing a significant amount of wear to the stones or eraser. I have also used the eraser for its intended purpose, cleaning up an old rusted blade very quickly and throughly. An overall excellent and affordable product.

Walter Czekurlon
Works as described

The eraser is a good low cost option to maintain the higher quality stones.

Thomas Bates
It does what it’s supposed to do

I have so far used this on my harder edge pro stones, my shapton glass and my ceramic rods. It works as advertised.

Eric Williamson
Valuable Tool for Preserving Blades

I bought this mostly out of curiosity -- and because I use carbon blades on my outdoor knives rather than stainless.
This eraser works extremely well and the quality is high. Now that I know the product lives up to expectation I will always be keeping one in my tool kit.

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